Good Girl
Collector Edition

Press kit and creative communication materials for the launch of Good Girl Collector Edition. Carolina Herrera reimagines its much celebrated Good Girl perfume in a finely designed Collector Edition that elevates this eau de parfum with the sparkling duality of the most exquisite jewels.


Generated graphic, spatial, and event design as well as the production of all materials needed for the POS inauguration events. The art direction was implemented in accordance with the Art Deco aesthetics featured by the brand.

Gold Incense
by Carolina Herrera

Press kit and creative communication materials for the launch of Gold Incense. A fragrance that just like the Arab tradition, offhandedly honors beauty blending eastern alchemy and cutting edge innovation with Carolina Herrera’s vision of timeless elegance.


Regular Animal designed and managed the event for the launch of the SS16 collection of the fashion house.

Herrera Eaux de Toilette Confidential

Creative content for the launch of Herrera Eaux de Toilette Confidential by Carolina Herrera Fragrances; an innovative collection of six ultra-luxurious juices part of Herrera Confidential.

Florida National Parks Association

A striking and contemporary website that really captures the ethos of the Florida National Parks Association and their passion for their parks. Motivational, friendly, and inviting to all users regardless of age, gender or culture. The site is also fully mobile responsive, allowing its users to interact with the Florida National Parks Association from any device and shop on the go!

Absolut Vodka

Regular Animal created the presentation event of the newest Absolut design concepts by ten independent artists.

House of Senses

Regular Animal generated irreverent branding and packaging for House of Senses, a unique spirit in the luxury body care industry.

35th Anniversary
Carolina Herrera

Regular Animal developed creative communication materials for the launch of the 35th Anniversary fragrance of the fashion house Carolina Herrera.

Discovery Yachts

Regular Animal provided creative vision on marketing initiatives including competitive analysis, custom content development, project strategy, PR, and communications.