At Regular Animal, our objective is to offer creative services that works for your audience and business.

We believe the path to world-class creative services is through rigorous creative strategy that has clear and measurable objectives and is rooted in purpose.

From product innovation to performance marketing, we believe that our creative services need to work in concert to connect every element at every phase of the customer journey. That’s why we offer strategy, design, and development that stems from functional and beautiful creativity.

→ Art Direction

Regular Animal provides art direction services that deliver clarity and definition to the work. Combining an understanding of art and design and evoking the right cultural and emotional reaction, we make sure our work conveys your message in your tone of voice and that it resonates with your audience. 

→ Analytics

All websites created by Regular Animal are tracked with Google Analytics. Google Analytics provides the information needed to help you shape the success strategy of your business, discovering things you probably never knew about the front end of your site. Whether you have an e-commerce site, a blog, or a website, understanding the behavior of your visitors will help you deliver better results.

→ Blog Posts

Regular Animal crafts unique, relevant, and engaging blog posts to boost your SEO positioning. Blogging and posting will help you build brand awareness, develop and strengthen relationships with your target, establish your organization as an industry leader, and drive long-term results.

With the help of SEO strategies like defining keywords, titles, tags, and meta descriptions, blog posts become a powerful tool for gaining online visibility. Whether you want to attract new customers, build relationships with existing ones or grow your brand’s credibility, Regular Animal can help.

Not only does blogging drive traffic and elevate your products and services, but it also helps you build trust with your potential customers. Having a blog with helpful content shows your audience that you are a trusted source.

→ Body Copy

Regular Animal makes humanized, actionable body copy that inspires action and drives growth. Copy and content that connects with your audience where they stand, tackles their doubts, and sets yourself as a trustworthy resource to keep them coming back for more. We make sure your key message is woven into every word, and your body copy connects at the optimal level of depth, sophistication, and technicality.

→ Books

Regular Animal offers book creation services that produce the highest quality books whose distinctive graphic identity and editorial savoir-faire capture imaginations, and address new topics with a singular perspective. Our book creation services generate books that also become icons of modernity and creativity. Our books help organizations describe their heritage, define their style, and bring their creations to life in a perennial, tangible manner.

→ Brand Identity

Regular Animal creates brand identities that cut through the clutter. From strategy to reality. We use the power of creativity to transform brand identities designing streamlined user interactions, whether analog, digital, or spatial. We generate powerful creative concepts to bring bold strategies to life across different media. From your logo and social media icons all the way through to complete user journeys.If you’re looking for a creative agency able to design a brand identity that allows your organization to shine across all channels and mediums, contact us.

→ Brand Strategy

Regular Animal offers brand strategy services that help organizations set their direction and drive results. We help them articulate their core idea, purpose, and story behind the distinct value they provide. This lays the foundation to make the brand trickle through everything that they say and do.

Our brand strategy services set out the organization’s authentic and distinctive voice. From the values that influence employee behavior to the personality that shapes a coherent customer experience, we craft the foundation that ensures perception reflects reality.

→ Brochures

Regular Animal creates high-quality custom brochures that tell your business story, showcase your products and services, or simply introduce your brand. Compact and versatile, this marketing staple helps customers understand you better and increase your brand awareness while boosting your business influence and conversion rates.

→ Campaigns

In a fast-moving world, it is hard to keep up. Regular Animal will help your brand stay ahead and reach new audiences with a multichannel campaign that covers all bases. We’ll set goals to measure original content that’s on-trend, on-message, and on the right channel. And with meticulous reporting, we’ll help you react and adapt to keep those click-through rates coming.

→ Communication Plans

From discovering and distilling consumer-led insights through to high-impact creative ideas and focused media tactics, Regular Animal creates end-to-end communication plans which define your messages, to whom you’re targeting those messages, and on which channels. If you’re looking for a communication plan that serves as a roadmap to deliver your message to your audience cohesively and coherently, contact us.

Regular Animal can help you develop brand statements and unique selling propositions, define your communication plan objectives, develop your audience, help you understand other key publics, determine what the world needs to know about you, identify your channels, plan a messaging matrix, determine your important events and campaigns, set your communications goals, plan content and campaigns on your marketing calendar, and measure your impact.

→ Content Strategy

Without content strategy, content serves no purpose. Working with you, Regular Animal will identify measurable objectives, refine the needs of your target audience, and design content that drives engagement, convert interest and deliver growth. With an insight-driven content strategy, your audiences get the right words in the right channel at the right time.

→ Copywriting

Regular Animal offers copywriting that helps organizations determine what to say, how to say it, and where to say it: online, on paper, and in person. Our copywriting services will shine a light on your brand uniqueness and communicate it in distinctive, intelligent, and memorable ways. We generate authentic content that inspires engagement and action. We’ll help you bring your brand story to life through copywriting that attracts, informs, and educates your target audience. Create waves in your industry by publishing high-quality content that’s personalized for your target audience and optimized for search engines.

→ E-Commerce

Regular Animal provides e-commerce design services that attract and convert in multiple industries. Our development team nails the top e-commerce design platforms to shift you from bricks to clicks. We ensure a seamless shopping experience by reimagining the way you attract, maintain, and retain customers.

→ Editorial Content

Regular Animal helps brands tell their stories with clever thinking and crisp editorial content. Our skilled copywriters give your brand a distinctive voice and generate editorial content that gets audiences clicking, scrolling, and sharing your brand stories. From Q&As to President interviews and long-read features, our editorial team always finds the right words.

→ Editorial Design

Editorial design services for books, magazines, brochures, leaflets, and more. Regular Animal provides a unique graphic design identity and editorial know-how that captures the imagination.

→ Graphic Design

Regular Animal uses brand strategy as a springboard to inform and inspire design. Today, design needs to adapt to a fast-paced and constantly shifting world. We create strong design foundations and responsive identity systems that strike the right balance between the need for consistency and instant recognition while also having the agility to remain relevant in changing markets or when communicating to different audiences.

→ Headlines

Regular Animal generates headlines that grab the attention of the reader. Your headlines determine how many people will read a piece and change the way people read an article and how they remember it. Regular Animal creates interesting and exciting headlines that frame the whole experience. From the beginning, readers know what kind of content they’re about to read and set the tone for what follows.

→ Identity Manuals

We generate identity manuals that guide your communications’ formatting and visual presentation in a cohesive way, including the treatment of logos and typography, photographs and illustrations, and the management of templates, color palettes, and editorial style-books. We create comprehensive identity manuals that become the essential playbook for everything you do.

→ Illustration

Regular Animal will find the perfect illustrator to tell your brand story. Whatever the format or channel, we’ll create the style for your print or digital needs with illustrations and animations that are smart, beautiful, and effective.

→ Logos

Regular Animal creates iconic logos that reflect what your organization is all about. From strategy to reality. With unlimited imagination and focusing on your needs, we design logos that stand out online and offline.

→ Marketing Plans

Regular Animal generates marketing plans that put your brand in the right place at the right time with the right message. Our marketing plans unite creativity and objectives from the start, achieving powerful results with ideas that are relevant and engaging. Whether you want to grow, motivate your team, or elevate and optimize your brand, we can help.

→ Media Kits + Press Kits

Regular Animal designs and produces singular press kits that don’t go unnoticed. We can bring your concept to life with a purposeful press kit that drives media resonance and cultural relevance. If you think there isn’t a second chance for your press kit to make a first impression, contact us.

→ Naming

Regular Animal creates great names for great brands of all sizes that stick and tickle the imagination. We devise extraordinary names that set you apart from the rest, reflect your brand’s identity and work everywhere. Whether you’re a startup in need of a brand name, an established business that wants a name change, or a brand that needs naming all items in a new collection, we can help.

→ Printing

Nothing beats getting your brand in people’s hands; that’s why at Regular Animal we specialize in professional-quality custom offset printing. Expert pressmen run our state-of-the-art offset presses located in Spain to ensure impeccable finishes and the best binding quality. We curate a comprehensive selection of high-quality European papers and offer every customization option you can think of, from size to finish and folding type, always delivering the highest quality printing throughout the entire production process.

→ Research

To create compelling content that resonates with your audience, we need to understand what makes them tick. Through internal and external analysis, Regular Animal will help you research and understand your market and identify the content that drives growth. A strategy based on research provides clear, measurable objectives that drive engagement and growth. With an insight-driven program and distribution strategy, we make sure your target audience gets the right content in the right channel at the right time.


SEO content is the ultimate inbound marketing practice. At Regular Animal, we understand that successful and sustainable SEO content intimately balances highly technical expertise, engaging, shareable content, and brand exposure. As such, organic search is no longer an isolated discipline, but by publishing the right content, you can drastically impact your SEO rankings.

→ Slogans + Taglines

Regular Animal is a creative agency that creates taglines and slogans that succinctly and clearly communicate your brand message. Our taglines will help you supercharge your marketing and tell people who you are and what you stand for in a few words.

We’ve created descriptive slogans such as “Traders of high-quality goods,” kinky taglines like “Body wash for dirty people” or “Get some balls” for a skin-care brand, emotional taglines like “A wilder Florida awaits you;” or slogans that tie to the organization’s name as the one for Sample, a photo agency that creates worlds and brings proof, otherwise, “They’d never believe us.”

→ Storytelling

Regular Animal brings your brand to life with an original identity and unforgettable storytelling. We’re bursting with bright ideas, artistic genius, and technical wizardry to turn your brief into captivating storytelling— be it an alluring layout, a fresh look for your brand, or art directing a big-ticket brand-story project.

→ UX and UI Design

Regular Animal transforms organizations from the user experience (UX design) to the user interface design (UI design), creating websites that reinforce credibility and communicate key brand messages swiftly. Our UI/UX design services will make you stand out from the crowd and provide your users with an engaging and refreshing responsive experience. We ensure our code is as streamlined as possible while not holding back our creative team on the front-end design (UI).

→ Web Design

Regular Animal’s web design services build cutting-edge websites that are visually engaging and simple to navigate ensuring your customer finds exactly what they need; fast. Our web design services sharpen your SEO and convert site visits into sales, inquiries, and bookings.