We own our impact and can help with yours.

Everything Regular Animal does is rooted in the belief that together with our clients and partners, we can create positive change and build a better world. Our purpose comes to life every day through our mission, which comprises three pillars: Right Thoughts + Right Words + Right Actions.

We are committed to sustainable creativity way before an idea is conceived, building brands, and taking actions that minimize impact. We are bound to accelerate our clients’ progress as part of the solution and help brands devise initiatives that not only secure their long-term development but also positively affect the environment. Everything we produce aims to minimize impact and help restore a healthy environment.

We dream of the day when all energy is clean, all brands are sustainable, and all products have much longer lifespans. When waste is a thing of the past, and our planet has a granted future. We know we have a long way to go, and by now, we can proudly say we are free of single-use plastics, fully support #noplasticwaste, and aim at zero waste — because “green” and “conscious” can be easily borrowed.

We believe anyone can take positive steps in the right direction, and we love to help.


Regular Animal is a creative agency based in Miami and scattered all over that helps organizations move the world forward. Our name summarizes the spirit of our team and work, authentic and real, and the promise to care for our clients with the unconditional love of a regular animal.