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March, 2023

In this Animal Feed we dive into equity language, explore the impact of deinfluencers on TikTok, dissect the business of advertising on Amazon, exercise the power of individuality, evaluate the design of NYC’s new tourism logo and help you find the man of your dreams. In this ever-changing creative landscape, as Mr. Sakamoto said, “I’m trying to relax, but it’s hard.”

The Moral Case Against Equity Language. What’s a ‘justice-involved person’? The Atlantic

Retail, Search, And Amazon’s 40bn ‘Advertising’ Business. Amazon sold close to $40bn of advertising last year—bigger than Prime, bigger than the entire global newspaper industry and probably more profitable than AWS. But is this really advertising, rent, or something else? And what does that mean for Google? Benedict Evans

The Man of Your Dreams (might be a chatbot). For $300, Replika sells an AI companion who will never die, argue, or cheat, at least until the algorithm is updated. The Cut

Do TikTok ‘Deinfluencers’ Really Want Us To Consume Less? The deinfluencing trend on TikTok has people telling you to stop using too much stuff. But is this just another way for influencers to get more attention? DW

Take Ai WeiWei’s Middle Finger Anywhere In The World. The project, Middle Finger, uses the recognizable image of AI’s hand overlaid on Google Maps street views so that users around the world can exercise the power of reinserting individuality anywhere they want. Hyperallergic

Why Is NYC’s New Tourism Logo Shouting At Me? Design critic Steven Heller (not us) evaluates the ‘We ❤️NYC’ logo. Curbed

EXTRA. Professional pacer. Heinz gives new boat to a man who survived on ketchup. TikTok teenage filter. No Problemo. Deinfluencers. Safeguarding digital success. The ultimate food fight. When good brands make bad products they go to the Museum of Failure. Kellog’s snacking brand renamed Kellanova. DINKS. Private dinner party, clothing not allowed. Pay-Per-Chew. Wikimedia’s new sound logo is the sound of All Human Knowledge. Haute-comfort. What will happen when the terminator turns 75—he’ll be back.

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