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It Takes No More Time To See The Good Than The Bad

This Animal Feed brings you shopping, returns, ratings, and the rebranding of the season: from Twitter to X.
jane birkin animal feed

When I Made Mistakes

This month’s freshest marketing news comes from an array of bots’ hands: writing bots, advertising bots, makeup bots, torturing bots, and an updated Mark Zuckerberg posting shirtless with UFC champions.
glenda jackson animal feed

Sometimes Nothing is Better

This Animal Feed brings you the story of Mr Beast, Adidas after Yeezy, the age of chat, uncool millennials, and optional human interactions.
tina animal feed

What’s Love Got To Do With It

This Animal Feed brings you live shopping, the ultimate activewear race, copyright decisions, inclusive exclusivity, adult fandoms and the most trusted brands of 2023.
mary animal feed

You Lucky Woman

This Animal Feed brings you soda-marketing dreams, targeted ads, China’s love for LVMH, AI updates, and the mixed-up history of the shuffle button.
ryuichi sakamoto

I’m Trying To Relax, But It’s Hard

Dive into equity language, explore the impact of deinfluencers, exercise the power of individuality, explore the design of NYC’s new tourism logo and find the man of your dreams.
christine mcvie animal feed

Don’t Stop

Don’t stop thinking about tomorrow, because in three Sundays, it will be Christmas! In the meantime, this Animal Feed is filled with AI adventures in an empty world, and more.
marketing news oct 2022

Still Go On, Like The Tides

How Tik Tok ate the internet, the latest in the luxury pet market, an always-fitting sprayed dress, the laissez-faire Instagram aesthetic, mullets, and Angela Lansbury.
animal feed coolio

Life is Too Short to Not Have Fun

The best and worst of AW22 fashion, the rise of niche culture, forgotten oil ads, and men of the month Yvon Chouinard and Coolio.
animal feed miami marketing agency regular animal

Hopelessly Devoted To You

Non-playable character syndrome, TikTok audio memes, greenwashing, and the wrong way to develop a brand identity with Gen Z in mind.
animal feed work for money design for love

Work For Money, Design For Love

A master class in content development, a big trend in logo design, the decline of online advertising, ‘Parentese,’ and the adult summer camp.
andy fletcher words are very unnecessary

Words Are Very Unnecessary

The open secret of Google Search, a foreign perspective on the American discourse, personal branding, and the end of the millennial lifestyle subsidy.
Vangelis at Animal Feed

There’s No Time For Repetition

Debranding the real world and branding the metaverse—this Animal Feed brings you influencers, ‘grandfluencers,’ anti-fans, and the end of all trends.
Animal Feed — The King of Summer Leaves in Winter

The King of Summer Leaves in Winter

This Animal Feed brings you digital clothes, timely brand renames, a take on Betty Crocker, collective narcissism, and the anatomy of a TikTok hunk.
animal feed a wave itself is seldom dangerous

A Wave Itself Is Seldom Dangerous

The source to all answers, bad art friends, a summary of the metaverse, the determined math tutor teaching calculus on Pornhub, and the status-quo our global supply chain.
animal feed five rings of fire

Five Rings Of Fire

In this Animal Feed, we make a case for a regular summer while we explore short shorts, popsicles, the Bitcoin beach, late dinners, and no apologies.
animal feed nothing but summer

Nothing But Summer

In this Animal Feed, we make a case for a regular summer while we explore short shorts, popsicles, the Bitcoin beach, late dinners, and no apologies.
Animal Feed Excuses for Life

Excuses For Life

This Animal Feed is filled with excuses, speedos, familects, influencers, and Furio’s undervalued sense of style.
Animal Feed — Are we there yet?

Are We There Yet?

This Animal Feed comes loaded with social media insights, F*cking Good Pizza, robots, feet, Mads Mikkelsen, and an armored knight.
Animal Feed by Regular Animal

Happy Pandemiversary

Explore non-fungible tokens, rediscover the cosmetics industry, and learn how “like” buttons shape our culture.
Animal Feed — Have It Both Ways

Have It Both Ways

Have your own cake and eat it while exploring blue news, super bowl ads, and personalized ASMR.
Animal Feed

A Year Full of Possibilities

Teleport yourself to other worlds where you can sometimes be the victim, sometimes the monster.
Animal Feed — Great Adventures

Great Adventures

In this Animal Feed, we’re all about great adventures, a treasure hunt, a jailbreak, and North Korea’s freedom fighters.
Animal Feed — The kids will be all right

The Kids Will Be Alright

Have your own cake and eat it while exploring blue news, super bowl ads, and personalized ASMR.