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July, 2022

They say disruption only matters when it’s in the seams and shapes of what it’s made, not in the storytelling, but this Animal Feed brings you a master class in content development that states otherwise, a big trend in logo design, the decline of online advertising, ‘Parentese,’ and adult summer camp.

The Audacious PR Plot That Seeded Doubt About Climate Change. Three decades ago, a bold plan was hatched to persuade people that climate change was not a problem—a master class in content development and greed. BBC News

How A Small Change to U.S. Quarters Is Part of A Big Trend In Logo Design. A minor change on the front of the 2020 United States quarters mimics a shift in the design of corporate logos. Fast Company

The Online Ad Market Is Decline, And It’s Dragging Down Tech Giants With It. Most of Silicon Valley was constructed on advertising money. That dependence made even the strongest companies look vulnerable after reporting their latest earnings. CNN

Why Adult Summer Camps Are Trending Right Now. The latest travel trend lets grown-ups relive the life-changing experiences that only camp can offer. Artful Living Magazine

‘Parentese’ Is a Truly Lingua Franca. In an ambiguous cross-cultural study, researchers found that adults worldwide speak and sing to babies in similar ways regardless of language. NY Times

The Million-Follower Factory. Although TikTok is making everyone famous, few creators are cashing in. The Information

EXTRA. From Depop to retail. The Oxford Dictionary of African American English. Google Street View gets more immersive. How sign language evolves as our world does. The most coveted audio speakers. Tim Hortons offers coffee and pastry for your personal data. Best Metaverse Performance. Netflix sues Bridgerton. Alphaland. A free A.I. tool to restore old photos by creating slightly new ones. Ghosting might be an offense in the Philippines. London Zoo’s crocodile skin handbag display goes viral and we’re on Design Rush.

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