Brand Identity Services

Creative Services

At Regular Animal our purpose is to unveil your purpose. Our Miami-based marketing agency specializes in brand strategy, brand identity development, and brand activation.

By thinking audience-first and applying deep strategic thinking, we build a bridge between your business goals and those of your target audience. We generate breakthrough brand identity and design for a visual world. Simple yet nimble branding that thrives in the world’s most complex and competitive arenas. 

Consumers perceive brands through the way they sound and look. We help brands develop a strong brand persona while tactfully developing the way consumers perceive brands. Whether a brand needs to evolve or entirely refresh, we believe a good design creates memorable interactions and brand equity. 

Building Brand Identities, Not Just Logos

As brands become more complex and multilayered, all aspects of a brand’s purpose, positioning, and activity can not be distilled into a logo or symbol alone. As branding remit has broadened away from just logos and symbols to one that occupies a critical visual and verbal role at the hub of a brand, the elements that propel the band core are many and varied.

Although logos and symbols supply the foundation of your brand identity, nowadays it’s necessary to deliver on all aspects of a brand. This is where a brand identity becomes crucial, allowing brands to be recognized as much for their attitude to imagery, choice of photography, tone of voice, personality, and writing style as for their logo. The best branding schemes have a transparent approach to their entire communications, not just the logo design.

Branding Services

Our creative insight and strategic understanding deliver inspiring ideas that create real brand purpose, meaning, and value where it matters most. From our Miami branding studio, we proudly partner with global organizations that, like us, believe in the power of outstanding branding. Timeless, strategic, inspired, and engaging. 

→ Logo Design

When developing your organization’s branding, the design of your logo is the most important branding element you will ever create. Your logo design defines the look and feel for your company. Your organization’s logo is the foundation of your brand identity, is memorable, separates you from the competition, fosters brand loyalty, and makes a solid first impression.

→ Visual Identity

We create vibrant brand identities flexing and testing the building blocks of the brand: logo, imagery, typography, colors, and anything that touches your creative design. A good visual identity should amplify the intended message of the brand. The key is starting with what your organization knows and believes in, letting your brand evolve from a core, unwavering understanding of your mission.

→ Brand Messaging

Our design and marketing experts can help you identify your brand’s messaging and value proposition. We can help you develop your target audience, key differentiators, brand principles, and positioning. Aligning tone of voice to brand strategy, we will determine whether you shout, whisper, or waffle.

→ Brand Guidelines

A comprehensive set of visual guidelines will govern the application of the new brand identity. A style guide is crucial for establishing your brand identity. The guide communicates your organization’s design standard to your team. Your brand guide will contain specifications on everything that plays a role in your brand.

→ Digital Branding

We create, establish, or strengthen brands so that they can develop a meaningful connection with their target audience in a changing digital environment. Our brand ideas can work on a web page as in a tiny tweet and our brand applications move, resize, and adapt to the screen. By using digital channels, you can build relationships with customers from across the globe.