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Names that Capture Your Brand’s Essence

A brand name is a first impression and a distinctive communication tool. You can convey what a business or product stands for with one or few words—literally, figuratively, and sometimes both.

Regular Animal is a Miami creative agency with expertise in product naming, brand naming, and company naming projects for businesses across the globe. Our experience spans various sectors, from the fast-paced, emerging world of tech to science, fashion, fragrances, consumer goods, and food and drink.

Whether developing a high-profile brand naming on behalf of a multinational organization, as we recently did for Lane&Merriman, or establishing a new personality for a scientific research project such as E5 Coral, we bring a tried-and-tested combination of versatility, professionalism, and creative edge to every project.

We also offer design services, focusing on identity and validation services, from trademarking to global linguistic checks. Regular Animal is also pleased to partner with design firms that need a brand naming partner worldwide.


The right name can be invaluable when creating a distinctive brand identity and naming is one of the most creative and critical endeavors in branding and rebranding processes. It requires an integrated approach that involves strategy, a creative process, consumer insights, an experienced trademark team, and, in most cases, a network of linguists. 

In the last seven years, we have created brand names such as House of Senses, Lane& Merriman, E5 Coral, or PeGa. Fresh product and service names like Mystery Tobacco or Debris Free Cities; and iconic lipstick names like Blush Response, Orange Roar, or Meet Me Nude. 


Verbal communications color brand perception as powerfully as visual design. And one of the most potent elements of verbal identity is your brand name. It is one of the most visible and audible elements of your brand.

Regular Animal specializes in all kinds of naming, from brand naming, product and service naming, along with sub-brand, ingredient, and initiative naming. We can name anything.

Coming up with good brand names is not enough. Names must play to prevailing social, economic, and cultural trends while simultaneously looking years ahead. They must also work across multiple media platforms, not infringe on existing trademarks, and avoid linguistic landmines in an increasingly global marketplace.


Regular Animal naming projects generally take three to six weeks, including preliminary trademark screening. We also provide global linguistic services, screening names for possible negative associations, connotations, and pronunciation issues in worldwide languages. In addition, design and name testing services can be added to name assignments. An express naming service is also available. 

Although every product or company naming strategy is unique, most brand name development assignments follow a similar process. Regular Animal combines three powerful techniques to create original and memorable brand names.

1. Small Team, Big Creativity. Our objective is to create brand names that are unique, original to the category, and memorable. 

2. Structural Linguistics. Backed up by our network of linguists, our creative team generates names that reflect natural language patterns, assuring your brand name can travel the world.

3. Trademark Clearance. We can perform a thorough trademark search and analysis, thereby saving clients time and money.


At Regular Animal, we offer brand naming services that combine the creativity you need to stand out in a crowded marketplace with technical knowledge and due diligence. We can help you get a brand name that speaks to your audience and is ready to stand the test of time.

→ Brand Name Research

Research is the starting point for developing a new brand name. Before coming up with a name, we must decipher crucial consumer motivations related to the product category. The motives and perceptions that drive the brand-decision process. How each major competitive brand is perceived, what its brand name communicates, and how. Based on this qualitative knowledge, we define the communication objectives for the new brand name. Qualitative research is reasonably valuable for screening large numbers of possible brand names and helpful in refining and developing new brand-name possibilities.

→ Brand Name Development

Our brand name development process focuses on creativity supported by linguistics, cognitive science, and research. Although brand naming is generally perceived as a creative exercise, there is more to it. Good brand naming requires in-depth language knowledge and a multicultural approach. Consumer research and linguistics have led us to identify fundamental principles of language, challenge assumptions, and uncover patterns of success that give our clients the ability to outperform their competitors.

→ Brand Architecture

Our collaborative approach delivers clear, considerate, and exciting brand architectures for our clients. How an organization communicates its business strategy, product lines, values, and personalities to the world is how we define brand architecture. While an organization’s architecture primarily focuses on the present, the most effective brand architectures also focus on what comes next, generating brand expectations.

→ Linguistic and Cultural Evaluation

Before launching your next brand name, you will want to know how well it will travel across languages, cultures, and markets. Every new brand goes multinational instantly in today’s digital, global and cross-cultural marketplace. Our network of linguists uses its expertise to evaluate the cultural relevance, ease of communication, and any liabilities with your names. In every project, we consider sound symbolism and structure to create names that feel natural. We evaluate the linguistic and cultural assets and liabilities of names, headlines, and taglines in the world’s leading languages.

→ Trademark Screening

Our preliminary trademark screening helps you avoid frustration when you ultimately go to register your name. Trademark clutter presents a formidable barrier to developing a compelling brand name. More than 100,000 new trademark applications are filed in the USA every quarter. Therefore, we conduct preliminary trademark and standard law usage screenings and a dot-com search on every name we present.

Branding. We unfold brands into rich identities, custom-built websites, and experiences that excite, entertain, and engage.

Identity Systems. Responsive identity systems that strike the right balance between the need for consistency and instant recognition.

Brand Messaging. Aligning tone of voice to brand strategy, we will determine whether you shout, whisper, or waffle.

Rebranding. Our holistic approach to each rebranding project provides a clear understanding of the rebranding strategy and design.

Logo Design. Flexible and meaningful brand identities and strategic logos that communicate your organization’s story.

Tone of Voice. An authentic, consistent brand voice is vital to building and maintaining trust in your brand—you can win with your voice alone.

Regular Animal is a Miami-based creative agency dedicated to create content that makes exceptional brands shine. We bring your brand to life through Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Actions™—inspiring branding, sleek graphic designuser-friendly websites, and compelling copywriting.

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