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Regular Animal is a Miami marketing agency that generates content and design across all platforms.

We do many things but focus on strategy, art direction, copywriting, brand identities,

web design,

editorial design, graphic design, books, and objects for clients, audiences, and ourselves. Contact us and we will help you thrive.


Our work includes graphics and logotypes, strategy and positioning, products and packaging, books and branding, websites and digital experiences, advertising and communications. Regular Animal generates creativity that flows seamlessly between people, places, and spaces. On social, on mobile, outdoors, in a store, on packaging, in print, live or virtual; anywhere that moves people to choose you.

We are more than just a marketing agency that believes that providing good creative solutions for good clients will lead to other good work for other good clients. We are obsessed with finding the right thoughts, right words, and right actions™ that make your brand shine.

We generate and champion right thoughts—bold ideas that conquer your audience’s hearts, create the right words to blow their minds, and inspire the right actions to change their lives. But whatever the project, we ensure that creativity is informed by the strategy so that we can build you a less ordinary and more powerful brand.

Our full-service marketing agency started in Miami in 2015, and since then, we’ve worked for brands on this and the other side of the Atlantic and beyond. This multicultural prism gives us a unique perspective of your organization, your audiences, and what truly matters to both of you.

Enough about us. Let’s talk about you.

Press kit for Mans, Demans Club, by Miami creative agency, Regular Animal.
Naming and copywriting for Carolina Herrera Makeup, by Miami creative agency, Regular Animal.
Copywriting for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, by Miami creative agency, Regular Animal.
Brand identity, copywriting, storytelling, and web design for Zelandia, by Miami creative agency, Regular Animal.