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Art Direction Services

Creative Services

Regular Animal provides art direction services that deliver clarity and definition to the work. For each project, we generate a sense of visual direction, a clear map of where the project is going, and how we will get there.

Our Miami creative agency not only oversees the artistic aspects of each project but supervises and unifies its vision. Our design team will take care of the project’s art direction and how it communicates visually, always magnifying your communications strategy and outputs.

Art direction is a filter for making judgments. We start by determining the overall emotion, and every design choice passes through it.

If content is the what; the core idea that captures the intention; design is the how; the implementation of all communication, the process, and production of typography, color, scale, and placement; and art direction is the why. It’s the concept and decisions that wrap around the entire product and comprehend the curation of all visual elements that communicate your brand.

Art direction helps define what’s essential to your project and, at the same time, distinguishes your initiative from your competitors’. When your art direction is effective, it immediately resonates with your audience.

At Regular Animal, we provide art direction services that speak volumes about your brand. Building on branding research, we create captivating visual systems combining styles, colors, typography, and illustrations that make your story unique. Our art direction services align graphic design with your overall brand identity to communicate your message clearly in a memorable way.

Art and Creative Direction Capabilities

  • Environmental design
  • Storyboard planning and management
  • Film and photography
  • Retouching
  • Animation and motion