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Bespoke Animation and Motion Graphics

Regular Animal is a Miami marketing agency with its finger firmly on the pulse. We’re ‘down’ with all the current animation and motion design trends and know how to utilize them.

We create custom adverts, social content, explainer videos, product videos, and motion graphics design, which are on-brand and unlock impressive engagement metrics.

Our team will work with you to devise content that sells with elegance—achieving actual results without resorting to outdated or blunt sales strategies. Instead, we specialize in playful and dynamic motion graphic design, communicating messages with clarity in an engaging style.

Whether you need to communicate a new product launch or a product user tutorial, motion graphics will elevate your digital presence and boost your marketing efforts. With the help of our Miami motion graphics agency, you can share bespoke branded videos which deliver in the ways that matter.

After the initial meeting, our Miami motion graphics team manages the entire creative process—we have the software, skills, and experience to conduct concept creation, scriptwriting, animation, sound design, and everything in between. With such extensive experience under our belts, we know how to create content that engages with current trends, tap into your target market, and successfully increase brand awareness, brand recognition, and overall engagement.

Why Motion Graphics?

Motion graphic design unlocks major benefits for a brand’s digital presence. For instance, did you know that website consumers have an attention span around 8 seconds?

This is precisely what makes motion graphics so valuable. Transforming plain text into highly designed video content makes your message infinitely more eye-catching and engaging. Alongside this, the expanding digital marketplace means brands must work harder than ever to retain their audience’s loyalty. When 60% of consumers’ interactions with a brand are digital, these first impressions count – you need to do something special to convince people that your brand is worth buying from.

Plus, thanks to the diversity and creativity that motion graphics permits, you can use this content to illustrate who you are as a brand. You can demonstrate your energy, USP, principles, and motivations. Digital marketing strategies have never been so critical or had so much opportunity for success.

With the help of our marketing agency in Miami, brands can unlock the full power of the digital advertising revolution with tailored content that achieves stand-out marketing stats. We can work with you to unlock higher website traffic, reduce your bounce rate, and build a stronger brand presence.

→ Graphic Design. By focusing on clear, strategic concepts, we formulate designs that stand out and connect with people.

Ad Design. Static and motion ad design concepts and variations for finding your way to better results.

Art Direction. For each project, we generate a sense of visual direction, a clear map of where the project is going, and how we will get there.

Campaigns. Get 360 campaigns, original designs, and strong concepts that engage your audience.

Editorial Design. Capture the imagination and tackle new topics with a fresh perspective.

Photo + Video. Flexible and reliable photographers and videographers that seamlessly adapt to different environments and cultures.

Social Media Design. Energize your feeds with static, animated, or video content for all your social media platforms.

Regular Animal is a Miami-based creative agency dedicated to create content that makes exceptional brands shine. We bring your brand to life through Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Actions™—inspiring branding, sleek graphic designuser-friendly websites, and compelling copywriting.

Enough about us. Let’s talk about you.