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Graphic Design with the Power to Transform

Regular Animal offers graphic design services with the power to transform. By focusing on clear, strategic concepts, we formulate designs that stand out and connect with people.

We use brand strategy as a springboard to inform and inspire our graphic design services. Today’s designs must adapt to a rapidly changing world. We create strong design foundations and responsive identity systems that strike the right balance between the need for consistency and instant recognition, while remaining relevant in changing markets or communicating with diverse audiences.

We are obsessed with the challenges of a discipline that exists in a state of constant transformation. Through thought-provoking and memorable Miami graphic design, we help our clients define their most compelling truths.

Our city is a big place, and many agencies provide graphic design services in Miami, but none quite like ours—graphic design is our passion.

With simplicity as a guiding principle, we create clarity of purpose through ideas that elevate their brands while remaining true to their values.

Our approach to graphic design utilizes research and strategy as the foundation for all creative ideas. We believe that we add the most value when involved in a project from the word go through to launch.

Research →

Before starting a graphic design process, we undertake our own quantitative and qualitative research, key stakeholder engagement, and draw insights from world-leading trend platforms to understand customers, markets, and opportunities. By formulating a client-specific research plan, we undertake any tasks that we feel will help educate us. 

We offer a research service that allows our clients to gain insight into their customers, their marketplace, and the changing world around them. Every graphic design project starts with a research stage whereby the team gets to know a client in every sense. 

  • Customer Insight. Using ethnographic studies and observing customers and target audiences in their natural environment, we can build a picture of their lifestyle, interests, habits, and behaviors. Our team can also use our digital platform to curate any questionnaire to canvas customer opinion. We analyze the results and provide an easily digestible report of key learnings. Face-to-face research sessions (on the street, in our studio, or on location) allow us to ask open questions to get under the skin and dig deeper.
  • Market Research. Identifying the competition and investigating what they are doing, not only in your sector or locality but across sectors and worldwide. What does best in class look like? Through our extensive network, we will paint the picture and help set a benchmark.
  • Visual Research. We do our own trend research and also explore all reports from trend experts such as Trendwatching, GDR, and YCN. All this insight helps us build a pictureof the future and allows us to generate future-proof ideasand innovations.
  • Stakeholder Engagement. Getting the right people on board at the right time is essential to the success of any project, so their ideas are on the table. They become an integral part of the project from the beginning. This gets people thinking as a team, challenges their perceptions, and opens their minds to new possibilities.

Strategy →

We help brands with positioning, stretch opportunities, relaunches, and experience mapping to accelerate business growth. We find that a robust strategy helps add structure to our creative thinking and paves the way forward for the design. An experience map allows stakeholders to get on board before subjectivity gets in the way. As a graphic design company specializing in strategy, we can help your business get on track.

Determining a clear direction and purpose for each project is key to ensuring projects achieve their goals, such as raising sales or increasing brand awareness. Our ability to build on the research insights and identify a big idea is how we help clients change sectors and create something remarkable. An experience map efficiently pulls together all the learnings and forms the basis of the design that allows stakeholders to get on board before subjectivity gets in the way. We find that a robust strategy helps add structure to our creative thinking and paves the way forward for the design.

Design →

This is where the magic happens; using knowledge from the research phase and direction from the strategy phase, our multidisciplinary team and expert partners put their heads together to dream big and create the unexpected.

Our marketing agency offers graphic design services across branding, physical space, and digital platforms to drive customer connection and sales. Using knowledge from research and direction from strategy, our multidisciplinary team and expert partners put their heads together to dream big and create the unexpected, including concept design, design development, web design, technical design, support, and optimization. If you are looking for graphic design services in Miami that deliver, then you are in the right place. 

  • Graphic Design Concept. Time to roll those sleeves up and get dirty. This stage is about embracing all ideas and exploring possibilities. Using the team’s broad mix of skills, all aspects of the concept, from brand and graphic communication to interior design and customer experience, are designed in tandem. Outputs from this stage include mood boards and a design lab, including proposals for the project at hand.
  • Graphic Design Development. We endorse a collaborative working relationship with our clients and look for client input at every stage of the design process. The design development stage takes on board client and end-user feedback to improve and polish the design to perfection. Outputs from this stage include final brand identity, communications, and artwork prototypes.
  • Final Artworks. The focus during this stage is on detailing and refining all design elements, from concept to graphics, to ensure the idea is suitable for implementation. Outputs from this stage include final artworks and communication packs to ensure consistent branding across all mediums.
  • Support. We stay involved as much as needed to ensure the design is delivered as promised. This can include reviewing prototypes, snagging the build, support with visual merchandising, and even organizing launch events. It does not have to stop there; post-launch, we get involved in strategy reviews, design developments, acting as brand guardians, roll-outs, design guidelines, and social media content. We are here for the journey.

Ad Design. Static and motion ad design concepts and variations for finding your way to better results.

Art Direction. For each project, we generate a sense of visual direction, a clear map of where the project is going, and how we will get there.

Campaigns. Get 360 campaigns, original designs, and strong concepts that engage your audience.

Editorial Design. Capture the imagination and tackle new topics with a fresh perspective.

Motion + Animation. Playful and dynamic motion design, communicating messages with clarity in an engaging style.

Photo + Video. Flexible and reliable photographers and videographers that seamlessly adapt to different environments and cultures.

Social Media Design. Energize your feeds with static, animated, or video content for all your social media platforms.

Regular Animal is a Miami-based creative agency dedicated to create content that makes exceptional brands shine. We bring your brand to life through Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Actions™—inspiring branding, sleek graphic designuser-friendly websites, and compelling copywriting.

Enough about us. Let’s talk about you.