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Regular Animal is a Miami creative agency that focuses on just three things: strategy, content, and design. In our view, these three key disciplines are central to brand-building and brand development, and through the power of creative strategy, content, and design we move organizations forward.

A Miami marketing agency made up of free thinkers and deep thinkers, art lovers and tech-heads, planners, disruptors, and wordsmiths.

 One thing unites us: an obsession with being the Miami creative agency able to generate and champion brave ideas that win people’s hearts, craft stories and experiences to blow their minds, and inspire innovations and opportunities with the power to change their lives.

If organizations want to thrive and stay ahead, they can never stop building their brands. Even when times are difficult. Especially when times are difficult. Without a well-defined brand strategy, marketing and communications become arbitrary. Whatever the project, we ensure that creativity is informed by the brand strategy. Whether we are creating a new brand or revitalizing a brand that already exists, launching a new product, trying to reverse a sales slowdown, or developing an online positioning. A convincing and relevant brand strategy is essential.

We find the right words to formulate new ideas, simplify difficult topics, and empower organizations to communicate in the most meaningful way. Our Miami creative agency not only help organizations determine what to say but how to say it and where to say it across different languages and cultures. We create the visual wrapping to present it. The settings to display it. The graphics to support it. On screen, on paper, and in person. Ensuring everything is consistent.

Delivering a comprehensive brand strategy is a complex business. Your brand strategy runs through every detail of the customer experience: from concept to design. Everything is connected. We bring together emotion, art, and rigor to design brands that surprise, delight, and drive results. We develop creative concepts that define communications. We build brand identity systems that allow a brand to express itself across channels, mediums, and countries. We create design guidelines that enable brands to own and execute their identity. We deliver transformation not just words.