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November 2022

Don’t stop thinking about tomorrow, because in three Sundays, it will be Christmas! In the meantime, this Animal Feed is filled with AI adventures in an empty world, LinkedIn influencers, Amazon ads, and geolocation.

My Sad, Lonely, Expensive Adventures in Zuckerberg’s V.R. Meta is spending billions on virtual reality and it has very little to show for it. An empty world is a sad world. NY Times

The Rise of the Millionaire LinkedIn Influencer. To some Linkedin’s try-hard nature has become a perfect example of the worst of corporate culture, but the site’s influencers say “the only opinion that matters is the market.” Vice

The Age of Social Media is Ending. Is it? The Atlantic

Basically, Everything on Amazon Has Become an Ad. Inside the under-the-radar business that makes more money than Amazon Prime. Vox

How Political Campaigns Use Your Phone’s Location to Target You. The emerging and largely unregulated political tracking industry is able to trace your movements. The Markup

EXTRA. Viva Magenta. Museum of Wonky English. MrBeast overtakes PewDiePie. Kia’s rebrand leaves many wondering who ‘KN’ is. Kidulting. Alessandro leaves Gucci. (Unrelated) breakup boot camp, gaslighting, alpacas, 🍆 ,

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