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July 2021

Rumor spreading a-’round in that Texas town ’bout that Olympic shack outside Tokyo downtown, and you know what I’m talkin’ about. Besides Olympics, in this Animal Feed, we explore love and loss in the age of AI, hundreds of ways to get sh*t done, the ultimate internet scam, and the attention-grabbing tricks of YouTube voice.

How the Olympic medal table explains the world. NPR

He couldn’t get over his fiancee’s death, so he brought her back as an A.I. chatbot. The San Francisco Chronicle

You want to be productive. Software wants to help. But even with a glut of tools claiming to make us all into taskmasters, we almost never master our tasks. Wired

The billionaire Gucci Master perfected a simple internet scam and laundered millions of dollars. This piece says a lot about digital swagger and the kind of stories that get told online. Bloomberg

Why do so many people on YouTube sound the same? The attention-grabbing tricks of YouTube voice. The Atlantic

EXTRA.Telfar dresses LiberiaGreat Jones Cookware and the illusion of the millennial aesthetic. Why am i so bad at typign? TikTok expands into job recruitment, while a new generation of boys uses the app to help young men talk about fashion. German psychologists finally discover how to stop buying things you don’t need. This month, we’ve also learned that if you don’t want to bury, cremate, recompose yourself, or become a diamond, you can press your ashes into a vinyl recording, but we’d rather leave you with these Classic Nudes and the best Miami web design.

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