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May, 2023

This Animal Feed brings you live shopping, the ultimate activewear race, copyright decisions, inclusive exclusivity, adult fandoms and the most trusted brands of 2023. What’s love got to do with it? We asked ChatGPT, and it answered: “Love plays a crucial role in the most trusted brands of 2023. Brands that prioritize building emotional connections with their customers, demonstrate care and empathy, and deliver exceptional experiences are likely to be viewed as trustworthy and beloved by consumers.” Love is the answer.

The Shining Promise and Dashed Dreams of China’s Live Shopping Craze. Star sellers can amass huge followings and eye-popping fortunes through a format that mixes consumerism and entertainment. NY Times

Alo Yoga Is Beating Lululemon at Its Own Game.A business story, a marketing story, a pandemic story, and a celebrity story all wrapped up in one—along with a healthy dose of happenstance. WSJ

Supreme Court Rules Andy Warhol’s Images of Prince Violated Photographer’s Copyright. In a decision with vast implications, the Supreme Court ruled that Andy Warhol’s images of Prince violated the original photographer’s copyright. NPR

How Telfar Clemens Used Inclusive Exclusivity To Build His Namesake Brand Into A Powerhouse. From the “Bushwick Birkin” to creating fashion that is accessible, inclusive, and unisex. Fast Company

Adult Fandoms Are Driving Lego’s Market to New Heights. The decades-old toy for kids is building its longtime popularity with increasingly elevated sets designed for AFOLs (Adult Fans of Lego). Dwell

EXTRA. Most Trusted Brands of 2023. Subway T-shirts. Price-per-pound plane tickets. The Streisand Effect. Smile education. How did Hyundai get so cool? Choupette didn’t go to the gala. Adobe adds its AI image generator to Photoshop. Free TV shows constant ads. There’s No Secret to How Wealthy People Dress. Web design trends 2023. The fierce beast attacking Florida residents was revealed as a domestic cat with attitude.

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