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June, 2023

Summer is coming, and with it the yearly onslaught of attempts to label a season that has not yet happened. Barefoot-Boy Summer? Side Chick Summer? Hot Girl Summer? Wanderlust Summer? To assist you in making a choice, this Animal Feed brings you the story of Mr Beast, Adidas after Yeezy, the age of chat, uncool millennials, and optional human interactions. We agree with Glenda Jackson, who once said, “I used to believe that anything was better than nothing. Now I know that sometimes nothing is better.”

How MrBeast Became the Willy Wonka of YoutTube. Jimmy Donaldson, aka MrBeast, has become a visceral sensation for his absurd acts of altruism. Why do so many people think he’s evil? NY Times

The Age of Chat. The new AI systems pretend to converse with us. But who’s written the script? The New Yorker

Adidas After Yeezy. The brand partnership with Ye, formerly known as Kanye West, was the stuff of sneakerhead legend—and its demise has the shoe company scrambling to replace nearly half of its profits. Yeezy Come, Yeezy Go. Bloomberg

Welcome to White Castle. Would You Like Human Interaction With That? White Castle, McDonald’s, Wendy’s, and Dunkin’ test chatbots to improve efficiency. WSJ

Uncool and Nowhere to Scroll: The Internet Has Become Hostile for Millennials like me. If TikTok is too young, Facebook is too geriatric and Twitter is a cesspit, where are digital natives expected to go. The Independent 

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