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April, 2023

This Animal Feed brings you soda-marketing dreams, targeted ads, China’s love for LVMH, AI updates, and the mixed-up history of the shuffle button intertwined with Dame Mary Quant’s thoughts: ‘You lucky woman—how do you have all this fun?’

Pepsi’s New Gen Z Soda And The Futile Quest To Be The Brand Of A Generation. With the release of Starry, Pepsi’s new lemon-lime soda, cola makers are once again gripped with generational angst. FastCompany

If It’s Advertised To You Online, You Probably Shouldn’t Buy It. Surveillance-based advertising not only destroys democracy; it also pitches us lousy overpriced goods. NY Times

Europe’s First Half-Trillion-Dollar Company Couldn’t Have Made It Without China. China’s consumers have driven the sales of LVMH products, just as the company’s CEO Bernard Arnault predicted. QZ

The Data Delusion. We’ve uploaded everything anyone has ever known onto a worldwide network of matches. Does it have all the answers? The New Yorker

The Mixed-Up History Of The Shuffle Button. How one button redefined our relationship to music. The Verge

EXTRA. Nobody should apologize for a slogan like ‘Show Us Your Regina.’ AI and the American smile. Unleashing the power of multicultural marketing. Italy against anglomania. The deepfake porn economy. Farmers now use lasers to kill weeds. What if ice cream is good for you? There are more Panda Expresses than pandasMerch fit for a king. Why are pop-ups everywhere (again)?

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