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January, 2021

In the first Animal Feed of the year, we learn how well-being rises with income, brush up on our hippo knowledge, got on a seesaw, and, through the magical power of film, teleport ourselves to other worlds where you, like Barbara Shelley, can sometimes be the victim, sometimes the monster.

1. Over the last weeks, we’ve seen a rash of rebranding efforts by major organizations, including Burger KingPfizerGeneral Motors, the CIA, and suddenly, we feel like playing Joy Division. Adweek

2. A collection of bright pink seesaws that allows people to interact over the US-Mexico border wins the Design of the Year award. The Guardian

3. Science has finally proved that money does buy happiness—even if it doesn’t guarantee it. PNAS

4. It all started with Pablo Escobar and four smuggled hippos. Now, as many as 100 hippopotami run wild in Colombia. Washington Post

5. If 2021 has already got you nostalgic for dystopia, drift off with a list of the best 50 cult movies that, from humble or overlooked beginnings, rose to prominence through the support of their fans. People have the power. The Ringer

EXTRA. George Orwell is out of copyright, now what? Raf Simons and Miuccia Prada unveil their first menswear collectionJacob Collier finds a key that doesn’t existTerra CartaBordeaux-ver the moon. Phil Collin’s ex-wife auctions off his gold records because “they no longer spark joy.” If drinking coca-cola with coffee doesn’t give you sexy eyebags, you can get yours herePatek Philippe Nautilus 5711 (yes, The One) has been discontinued, let’s commemorate it by singing our favorite sea shanty.

We just wanted to wish you a happy new year but, as reality continues to bewilder us, all we can say is that we’re incredibly grateful for you—our clients, collaborators, and friends, for your cooperation and continued support. Wishing you health and a year filled with possibilities.

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