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August 2022

Guess ours is not the first heart broken, our eyes are not the first to cry. We are not the first to know, there’s just no getting over the loss of Olivia Newton-John’s, but, as we are Hopelessly Devoted to You, this Animal Feed brings you the non-playable character syndrome, kings dismounting their unicorns, the latest social media trends, greenwashing, and the wrong way to develop a brand identity with Gen Z in mind.

Move over main character syndrome, it’s all about NPCs now. From right-wing slur to TikTok trend, people are pretending to be non-playable characters on social media—adding weight to the theory that life is just one big simulation. DAZED

TikTok audio memes are everywhere. How do they work? Welcome to the era of the audio meme, a time when replicable sound units are a cultural currency as strong as images and text. NY Times

Pew on teens’ use of social media platforms: YouTube dominates, TikTok rises (and recently ended Google’s 15-year-long run as the most website in the world), Instagram and Snapchat grow, and Facebook falls. Pew

The boy bosses of Silicon Valley are on their way out. They rode their unicorns to fame and fortune. It got a little less fun when their brand strategies didn’t work. NY Times

Your favorite ‘sustainable’ brand might not be so green after all. An investigation opened by the UK government aims to put brands that greenwash on notice. Gear Patrol

EXTRA. Is that a Gucci or a Cuggl? Nigeria bans white models from ads. A Chinese retail company wants to be a Japanese store. Normalizing surveillance. The beginning of the end of Millenial discourse. Atomic TV. Digital twins. Search through time until you reach the first website.

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