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March, 2022

It seems we’re debranding the real world and branding the metaverse, so this Animal Feed brings you influencers, ‘grandfluencers,’ anti-fans, and the end of all trends, because as Vangelis predicted: “There’s no time for repetition.”

From Burger King and Toyota to Intel and Warner Brothers, major brands are discarding detail and depth. Debranding is the New Branding. Bloomberg

Influencers and Anti-Fans. How anger at the status quo becomes misdirected at social media figures.Real Life

Looking beyond the world we see in two dimensions on screen, some brands have decided to purchase a plot of pixels in a three-dimensional virtual world we can experience through a headset. Building a Brand in the Metaverse. Fast Company

On TikTok, the over-65 set is thriving. ‘Grandfluencers’ Are Sharing a New Vision of Old Age. NYTimes

Looking for the trend that unifies all trends? Trends Are Dead. Vox

EXTRA. Cookie? Although all those celebrities pushing crypto are not so vocal now, 16% of Americans have already invested in, traded or used cryptocurrency. 20 years of trash talk in the NBA. Why is your internet so slow? Facial Search Engine. Logos you can see from space. Postcards from Kamikatsu, Japan’s “zero-waste” town. Meanwhile Florida prepares to shoot the remains of 47 people into space. Please, compost me.

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