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December, 2023

It seems like just yesterday I was writing January’s Animal Feed, and now, eleven wild editions later, we’re at the grand finale. What did we learn? Probably nothing, but boy, did we have a blast… And since I still want to share with you what I haven’t shared with anyone yet, here comes the last Animal Feed of the year, packed with transparent wood, chicken nuggets in reusable bowls, the enigmatic @BasedBeffJezos, crypto-cities, and fun?! Bill Granger, the chef who brought avocado toast to the world, once said about breakfast trends, “Now, I find we’re all much more adventurous,” and that definitely applies to us too.

Why Scientist Are Making Transparent Wood.Stronger than plastic and tougher than glass, the resin-filled material is being exploited for smartphone screens, insulated windows, and more. Knowable Magazine

Chicken Nuggets In Reusable Bowls? McDonald’s Isn’t Loving it. A French law has forced the fast-food giant to serve fries and sodas in washable containers; now it is fighting a wider rollout.WSJ

Who Is @BasedBeffJezos, The Leader Of The Tech Elite’s ‘E/Acc’ Movement? A former Google engineer and the founder of stealth AI startup Extropic, is behind the Twitter account leading the “effective accelerationism” movement sweeping Silicon Valley. Forbes

Fun Is Dead. Fun has become work, an afterthought, a performance. Fun is now planned, performed, learned. There are books on fun. Coaches for fun. Which means fun is done. The Washington Post

Who Would Give This Guy Millions to Build His Own Utopia? Dryden Browns wants Praxis to be a crypto-city for tech bros and tastemakers. Just don’t ask for details. NYTimes

EXTRA. Top social media statistics and trends of 2023. A record breaking 2023 in sports. Stay-at-home girlfriends. A$AP Rocky and Kendall Jenner’s unofficial Bottega Veneta campaigns are now official ones. The stuff you don’t want. Hermès billionaire plans to leave half of fortune to ex-gardener. The new Beck’s beer was made for people over 70. A random catholic blog is the most interacted with site on Facebook. Oxford’s 2023 word of the year is …. ‘Ritzz

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