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May, 2021

May was casually playing poker when it suddenly saw June approaching with its summery vibes. We get ready for it with speedos, familects we’ll soon have to share with everybody, and Furio’s hot and undervalued sense of style. There’s also a set of excuses for life, so instead of joining the next virtual happy hour, we can slip into a Battiato song and dance like desert gypsies. Why? Why not?

1. A scandalous history of Speedos, the famously ultra-tight swimming attire, showed so much leg on the beaches of 1961 Australia that men were arrested. Mental Floss

2. The collective experience of sharing a space sprouts its own vocabulary: familect. Why we speak more weirdly at home. The Atlantic

3. Before long, we will need to restart the excuse generator. Here’s a list of alternatives pulled from letters of others. Some are thoughtful and eloquent; others are entirely free of both. Letters of Note

4. The anxiety of influencers—TikTok is a sign of the future, which already feels like a thing of the past. Harper’s Magazine

5. For those of us who would watch an entire spinoff of the Sopranos about Furio going shopping, here’s an appreciation of the most intoxicating silk shirts to hit prestige TV. Labor and pleasure entangled.  GQ

EXTRA. Explore the latest Miami web design. Ink with commitment issues. Europe bans all plastic cutlery while in the US, big-oil Instagram influencers are just getting started. Animal crossingJust for criminals. Facebook corners the VR market. Amazon Prime is a lie.The definitive rules for airplane armrest allocationWhy you probably prefer European chocolateGray hair can be reversed. Twitch en Galego. Novak Djokovic came from two sets down to win the French Open, but he wasn’t nearly as jacked as the kid who got his tennis racketVictoria’s Secret tries a resurrection while Prada SS22 Menswear starts uncanny and sophisticated and ends up as a dreamy summer escape. (They also want a regular summer.)

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