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Nothing But Summer

June, 2021

Nobody asked, but we want a regular summer. We need a regular summer. More hometown than dream trip. An old-friends summer. A coconut-girl summer. A wet-hair summer. A summer of Bitcoin-beach days and late nights. Of sunscreen paranoia and short shorts. Of daily popsicles and late dinners and no apologies. One that welcomes familiarity of every summer before this one. Sure it might feel hot as hell, sweaty, and buggy at times but we won’t care. Because this summer is here for the taking, and, as Paul Mooney said, “We can’t change the past. We can only deal with the present and the future.”

1. This summer is officially sexy, and quads are the new biceps. The Guardian

2. US developer outsources his job to China so he can surf Reddit and watch cat videos. TNW

3. Lamborghini didn’t release its first SUV in 2012; the brand had already launched the Rambo Lambo in 1986. The same as the upcoming Purosangue is not the first Ferrari SUV but the 1969’s Jerrari. You can own one as it heads to the auction block. Cool Material

4. Digital marketing is in turmoil as Google and Apple introduce privacy tools and customer acquisition costs rise. Time for brands to get inventive in a post-cookie world. Vogue

5. Airbnb is spending millions of dollars to make nightmares go away. When things go horribly wrong during a stay, the company’s safety team jumps in to soothe guests and hosts, help families—and prevent PR disasters. Bloomberg

EXTRA. Ink with commitment issues. Europe bans all plastic cutlery while in the US, big-oil Instagram influencers are just getting started. Animal crossingJust for criminals. Facebook corners the VR market. Amazon Prime is a lie.The definitive rules for airplane armrest allocationWhy you probably prefer European chocolateGray hair can be reversed. Twitch en Galego. Novak Djokovic came from two sets down to win the French Open, but he wasn’t nearly as jacked as the kid who got his tennis racketVictoria’s Secret tries a resurrection while Prada SS22 Menswear starts uncanny and sophisticated and ends up as a dreamy summer escape. (They also want a regular summer.)

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