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November, 2020

In this Animal Feed, we’re all about great adventures, a treasure hunt, a jailbreak, and North Korea’s freedom fighters. If that’s all a bit too real, we’ve also got fake peopledeepfake music, a typographical adventure, and a window into David Lynch’s hair and daily life.

1. Learn about the Great 21st-Century Treasure Hunt. A decade-long, sometimes maddening, and occasionally deadly, search for a treasure in the American West. Worth its weight in gold. NY Magazine.

2. If you thought the line between reality and fiction was already blurred, meet the real fake people while listening to the screams of the damned. Algorithmic consequences are here to stay. NY Times & The Guardian.

3. Delve into the ballad of Ron and Dorinda. The story of two lovers who escaped from prison in 1986 in a hijacked helicopter and they’ve been trying to escape ever since. Esquire.

4. Meet a nameless hiker who walks from New York to Florida, dies in Big Cypress, and no one can figure out who he is. Wired.

5. Enter into the David Lynch Theater, and you’ll find wonders like the number of the day or his always accurate weather report.

EXTRA. GucciFestThe Pope liked a butt picInstagram turns into a mallThe Rosart ProjectWestern influencers tangled into Pakistan’s politics. North Korea’s freedom fighters. A homemade Japanese breakfast. And if you’re based in Florida, Florida Bay Forever, the specialty plate you’ve always wanted, is finally available.

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