Regular Animal helps Carolina Herrera embrace its heritage and the spirit of New York as its own trademark. The house goes beyond fashion, solidifying the legend of the Herrera family as an icon of elegance in Eaux de Toilette Confidential.

For the international launch of Herrera Eaux de Toilette Confidential, our creative agency designs and produces all the communication materials, including press kit, press dossier and press site.

The press kit contains a book that explains in detail the exclusive collection of six unisex perfumes and four essential oils. 

Following her innate curiosity, Carolina Herrera de Baez, Creative Director of Carolina Herrera Fragrances, challenges the world of perfumes. As a result of her tireless quest for creating beautiful scents, she devises Eaux de Toilette Confidential, an innovative collection of six ultra-luxurious juices part of Herrera Confidential. 

Taking inspiration from the figure of her mother, Carolina Herrera de Baez creates a testament to her curiosity about the world, her desire to experiment and learn, and her quest for perfection. Each of the scents of the collection has a personal meaning for her, a reason for being.

“To me, my mother is an inexhaustible source of inspiration; invariably she finds a way to surprise. I always remember her scent, the way she leaves a trace in the room, discreet, yet unforgettable.” Carolina Herrera de Baez

Herrera Confidential takes us on a fragrant journey to uncover the evocative memories behind a collection in constant progress. All its fragrances are an homage to the memories of the family and a tribute to its avant-elegance made with the best quality ingredients.

Through her latest creation, Eaux de Toilette Confidential, Herrera de Baez defies perfumery codes by creating fresh single note blends with a full lavish long lasting effect. A tribute to olfactive beauty and an homage to the most concealed side of her mother, her alegría de vivir, that opens a brand-new chapter within Herrera Confidential.

Carolina Herrera de Baez collaborates with five internationally renowned perfumers who capture her boundless creative vision in Eaux de Toilette Confidential. This unparalleled collection is the olfactive translation of Carolina Herrera de Baez herself, her emotions, her memories; her own insight into Carolina Herrera.

Eaux de Toilette Confidential explores the best soliflores as perfume reflections. Traveling to the most confidential destinations, she brings back intimate memories filled with beautiful details. Using the right ingredients, letting them become the central theme on each fragrance, allows her to encapsulate those recollections in unexpectedly crisp scents with an exceptional personality. 

“Perfume is invisible and tells the most brilliant stories about life. It highlights every other sense and tells more about details, places, and memories than any visible object. Fragrances are a way to capture the unseen.” Carolina Herrera de Baez

Copywriting services for Vetiver Paradise by Carolina Herrera
Copywriting services for Virgin Mint by Carolina Herrera
Copywriting services for Bergamot Bloom by Carolina Herrera
Copywriting services for Orange Affaire by Carolina Herrera
Copywriting services for Rose Cruise by Carolina Herrera
Copywriting services for Blond Jasmine by Carolina Herrera

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