Regular Animal creates a transformative website for the Marine Turtle Research, Ecology, and Conservation Group.

As part of the Department of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Science of Florida State University in Tallahassee, Florida, the Marine Turtle Research, Ecology and Conservation Group addresses issues related to the conservation and management of marine turtles and other marine megafauna. Their research focuses on questions related to the spatial ecology and behavior of marine megafauna, particularly marine turtles, to advance the understanding of the impacts they face and determine how to mitigate threats to maximize conservation outcomes.

The Marine Turtle Research, Ecology and Conservation Group was looking for a Miami marketing agency to update their website, crafting human connection through a digital experience.

In pursuit of solidifying the Marine Turtle Research, Ecology, and Conservation Group at the forefront of marine turtle research, we embarked on a journey to explore digital-forward scientific research brands on the bleeding edge of expression and visual design. To create broad appeal and engage audiences across the digital platform, we explored modern visual identity options strategically, logically, and thoroughly while considering our concepts’ originality. The synthesis and analysis of our web design research led to an exploration of the lab’s visual and brand identity, including color palette evolution.

Our digital creative agency was tasked to create an engaging digital experience and develop a visual identity strategy, which positions the Marine Turtle Research, Ecology, and Conservation Group at the forefront of the online visual landscape among the marine megafauna research labs in the world.

The project aimed to create a thoughtful, intuitive, inspiring website design that supports their research, values and messaging. Not only that, the site needed to be responsive, optimized for strong search performance, and built using a cutting-edge framework—all linked to a flexible content management system.

The Miami web design project started by experimenting with unique layouts and finding new and exciting ways to display their content. The design of the entire web is inspired by the shape of the shell of sea turtles. As the design incorporated multiple components and large, high-resolution marine-turtle media, Regular Animal opted for a looped video header framed by a marine turtle shell shape.

Two different typefaces are combined on this website’s design, Antiqua Roman, a thin-stroked design based on the original handwriting letters made by Fritz Helmuth Ehmcke in 1907, and Poppins, a geometric sans serif. A font selection that doesn’t go unnoticed, generous spacing, and engaging content blocks, allow the visitor freedom to explore in wonder.

By using responsive content blocks, Regular Animal reshapes the website’s on-page content optimization to specifically focus on a mobile-first design that drives overall reach and engagement as well as an optimized SEO experience. As a result, the website loads fast and provides the end-user with a beautifully smooth experience when browsing and interacting with the different elements.

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