Our Miami-based marketing agency provides copywriting services for the launch of Dom Pérignon’s Luminous Glowing Bottle.

Dom Pérignon only selects the best grapes. Each vintage is unique and reinterprets the uniqueness of the seasons. The brand reinvents itself each harvest, with a firm commitment to expressing the year’s grapes, no matter the challenge, even if it means a vintage will not be declared.

In the 17th century, the monk Dom Pierre Pérignon had the ambition to create “the best wine in the world.” This bold and visionary spirit has even earned a place on the Sun King’s table, with confidence in the quality of his wines.

Three centuries later, Dom Pérignon inherited the vision and work of this brilliant artisan, who is now considered the spiritual father of champagne. Dom Pérignon’s wines are made from the estate’s finest grapes. Each is a unique creation, with a style and identity unique to its vintage: it is up to Chef de Cave to declare the vintage.

This vision can be felt through the delicate balance that characterizes the house’s champagne – a combination of ripeness, vigor, lightness, and intensity – which gives the wines a smooth and elegant aging potential.

For collectors looking for the most coveted and talked about objects, from time to time the house releases limited editions. On this occasion, Dom Pérignon launches a neon-label collector’s edition. Our Miami-based creative agency provides copywriting services for the launch of Dom Pérignon’s Luminous Glowing Bottle. The seemingly glow-in-the-dark bottle of champagne is unmistakable; an unfailing way to ensure that heads turn in your direction, whether you like it or not.

Dom Pérignon’s philosophy, vision, and spirit are reflected in its manifesto, which explains the ten core principles that guide the winery. Dom Pérignon can only be a vintage and a blend. Every year, Chef de Cave reinvents the brand with a different grape, creating a unique vintage made from a delicate blend of two grape varieties – Pinot Noir. Black and Chardonnay – from the best vineyards in the Champagne region. The complexity of these wines is due to the slow ripening of the grapes, which over time retains freshness and develops new aromas and textures. These aromas are revealed during the aging process, guaranteeing excellent aging potential and the distinctive minerality that is the winery’s hallmark of aromas.

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