Regular Animal creates the press kit, web design, and copywriting for the launch of Good Girl Collector.

Our creative agency provides press kit and content for Good Girl Collector helping Carolina Herrera reimagine its much-celebrated Good Girl perfume as the most glamorous of jewels.

Good Girl, the top-selling fragrance of 2016 is now reborn in Good Girl Collector, a limited edition that bottles the already iconic eau de parfum in two differently embellished stiletto-shaped flasks.

For this special edition, Carolina Herrera recreates the already archetypal stiletto bottle in two distinctive glass flasks. One of them comes decorated with a tri-colored silver Glitter and wrapped in a powerfully shimmering outer box. The other one, of which only 300 units will be available, is manually coated with almost two thousand Swarovski crystals and presented in an irresistible black velvet jewelry box.

Given the unprecedented success of the eau de parfum, Carolina Herrera de Baez, Creative Director of Carolina Herrera Fragrances, develops Good Girl Collector to heave Good Girl on reaching its greatest splendor, “Good Girl is a fascinatingly complex fragrance that from the very beginning had much to say,” she states.

Herrera de Baez’s vision for the Collector’s Edition was to push forward Good Girl’s original inspiration, a fragrance born of beautiful contradictions and the ever-present duality of modern femininity. Good Girl Collector with the tagline “It’s so Good to be Bad,” projects a mysterious, sensual spirit with a glittering side that reinforces its glorious duality.

More than 600 tests were engineered to develop the groundbreaking flacon shaped like a stiletto that contains the original perfume. A mechanical masterpiece, featuring complex functioning and elaborate bottle design that in this collectible edition goes one step further. Now covered in brilliance, Good Girl Collector manifests its ability to keep pace with the mischievous nature of Good Girl while preserving its original spirit.

Carolina Herrera de Baez opens this path with the same dazzling team that supported the creation and release of the original fragrance. Louise Turner’s formulation reaches new heights once again portrayed by Karlie Kloss, the ultimate Good Girl, and photographed by the internationally renowned photographer Mario Testino.

Both bottles are inspired by the craftsmanship, style, and femininity of Carolina Herrera. This exclusive edition captures the allure and enhances the exquisite attention to detail of the fashion house while honoring the genuine fragrance expertise of the brand.

“With Good Girl Collector, both fragrance and bottle express in duplicate the sensual, feminine, powerful, and complexity of womanhood.” Carolina Herrera de Baez

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