A complete brand identity system and web design for Sample, a photo and video production agency that offers talent, consulting, project management, and art buying services worldwide.

Like the stories it shows, Sample’s new website was destined to have an eclectic design. With a visual identity that shines in the background, the site boasts a modern and engaging aesthetic that suitably captures the kaleidoscopic nature of the content it features. Distinctive, upbeat, and entertaining—the opposite of doom-scrolling.

Sample was looking to design its website to utilize all the latest web technologies and introduce new features, a revamped interface, and the latest CMS framework. With a responsive layout system, the new site provided its users with an online portfolio that is easy to navigate, and an effortless approach to search on multiple browsers and devices, including mobile platforms. The new web design is fun, punchy, and refreshing, a pop culture hub that’s elastic enough to work across Sample’s entire portfolio while maintaining its unique identity.

To maintain a connection between the new website and Sample’s brand identity, the web design project started from the agency’s existing design system as a springboard. At the core of this design is a clean and simple typographic logo. The result is a natural evolution that maintains a satisfying consistency with its brand.

After exploring contemporary typefaces that felt authentic to Sample’s identity and worked well with a variety of imagery and different aesthetics, the web design team decided on Monospace Typewriter, a modern sans-serif font that features narrow letterforms and a subtle personality.

Monospaced fonts were not invented to win beauty contests but to suit the mechanical requirements of typewriters. However, the font still maintains the monospaced digital personality and is an excellent fit for print and digital projects. The color palette starts from black and white and introduces three vibrant primary color shades to feature each of Sample’s leading talents.

Miami creative agency, Regular Animal also provided copywriting services for the website and a new slogan, infusing the unique tone of voice with the sophistication and functionality of the refreshed identity.

The updated website is simple, organized, and utilizes ample white space to highlight the agency’s collections and allow their projects to be the heroes.

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