Mans asked our marketing agency, Regular Animal to design a press kit for Mans FW21/22.

We envisioned their collection delving into a perpetual 80s night at Demans Club.

It’s eternally after hours at Demans Club. Let’s dance like there’s no tomorrow in the heat of disco lights. There will be sunsets, sunrises, and a tornado at 1 am.

From raucous nights that refuse to dawn, Demans Club surges as the liberating club of your dreams. Part performance and part disco, the club pulsates with the glitz and glamor of another era, creating an aura of mystery that welcomes everyone.

For every 1980s fashion moment, there is a rebellious counterpart, and Mans seizes them all. From an affinity towards dramatic proportions: voluminous garments or fitting silhouettes; to goth and punk subcultures clinging to the color black that prefer studs over sequins. A polished interpretation of the decade unfolds inspired by modern romanticism, a drop of punk, and a brazen defiance of masculinity.

What can be done with this unrestrained approach? Take it out to dance.

Brimming with style, the electricity in the dance floor gets in motion. Refined and clean lines made of satin, wool, and alpaca, fall into slouchy or structured silhouettes, always with an impartial focus on tailoring. Looks exude a strong and assertive appeal, and each piece feels like it’s been carefully worked from idea to garment while retaining the powerful fizz of Mans’s glam.

The unexpected palette plays with pattern, tactile textures, and juxtapositions, and rushes of color bring the decibels up for the chorus. Individual garments look smart and wearable, made for dancing all night or sneaking out the back door at the least expected moment. Off-the-cuff bits push the energy and charm of an eclectic decade without anyone noticing. They are too busy basking in glitter.

Mans AW 21/22 feels unusual and powerful, like going dancing on a Tuesday and catching a lightning bolt.

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