Regular Animal creates a new website for Odyssey Earth, based on the idea that users can learn while enjoying an adventure in nature.

Miami-based creative agency Regular Animal designs and implements a website for educational non-profit Odyssey Earth, which uses this visual portal to transport users to different video-learning adventures that would help them learn science in real-world settings.

“The design brief was to create a website that inspired audiences to immerse in an adventure anywhere when they learn with Odyssey Earth,” explains creative director Ana Meira. “Our strategy was to entice audiences with immersion, so they can fit in and feel like they are not only learning but living an adventure.”

“This idea evolved into a visual representation throughout the web’s identity,” Meira explains, uniting the website’s focus on immersive learning with the website’s user experience.

Regular Animal develops the UX and UI for the new site as well as the visual identity. Starting from a dark shade of green as the main color—a choice not generally used in projects for such young audiences, Regular Animal generates a nature-focused color palette that gives Odyssey Earth a warm visual identity and provides a sense of discovery and exploration.

Odyssey Earth also wanted to establish online authority for their educational content, improve organic search rankings, and convert web visitors into leads with a professional web design.

The non-profit’s director, Richard Kern, believes in sharing value through his unique video content. Because of that, the SEO strategy created by Regular Animal revolves around working with his videos to ensure they rank well for the most searched keywords. This will help to establish Odyssey Earth as the thought leader as an educational content provider in South Florida. Regular Animal web design experts follow the best SEO practices to improve Odyssey Earth’s rankings in organic search. This implied extensive on-page SEO when rebuilding the Odyssey Earth website and a widespread backlinking strategy.

Only one typeface is used throughout the site, Radio Canada. A bold and modern high-contrast sans serif font that balances restraint and visual interest. The Radio-Canada font was designed in 2017 specifically for CBC/Radio-Canada as a brand unifying information font for all the Public Broadcaster’s platforms. Fittingly for a Public Broadcaster, this is a people’s font, and the humanistic style stands out with subtle curves and distinctive angles. Its x-height ensures excellent legibility and respects digital accessibility standards, making it very effective when used in continuous text.

In addition, Regular Animal also creates a series of topographic illustrations that emphasize the adventurous feel of the website and provide consistency and uniqueness to the design.

Odyssey Earth’s new website is about inspiring people to go on an adventure anywhere they are—whether it’s a 10-minute video, a full-length film, or anything in between.

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