Regular Animal designs A Regular Book commemorating the Miami marketing agency‘s 7th anniversary.

This year Regular Animal celebrates its 7th anniversary with a visual story of the agency’s evolution over the past seven years through cultural shifts, technical innovations, and global growth with a commemorative book.

Designed for clients and friends, A Regular Book functions as a project catalog capturing the inherent playfulness and modernity of a Miami marketing agency that is synonymous with bright creativity.

Wanting to create a book that could be understood across different cultures and languages, Regular Animal’s designers craft a purely visual experience, paring down images and stories into a lively mix that captures the spirit of the creative agency. The book features a selection of 50 archival images that include brand identity, art direction, graphic design, and web design projects from all over the world.

Regular Animal produces three versions of the book:

  • An electronic version
  • A soft-covered edition
  • A coverless edition that comes in a made-to-measure corrugated cardboard box

It’s a casebound book in which printed parent sheets are cut, folded, gathered, sewn together in sections, and then glued. Both printed editions set a precedent in sustainability, crafted with eco-friendly ink on 100% recycled paper; A Regular Book is stitched with natural thread and free of coatings, plastics, and other polymers. The finished book weighs 433g (15.27 oz); 42 pages printed in an easy-to-handle 27.5-by-21 cm (11-by-8 inches) format.

The coverless edition shows the book seams’ craftsmanship sewn with vegetable thread, the clean cuts of the box’s corrugated paper, which reveal the interior structure, both inside and out, and the impeccable gluing that camouflages the joints of the material. The paperback edition is printed without ink, only using blind embossing.

A Regular Book pays homage to the creative agency‘s design team and their septennial of innovation, design, and cultural impact.

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