Zelandia’s new branding and bilingual storytelling digs out experiences of some places that exist in the real world and others that one can only imagine.

Travel experts at Zelandia believe there is a different way to experience the B side of the most remote, authentic, and culturally diverse places on Earth. For that, they design, plan, and guide made-to-measure adventures worldwide — so anyone can explore a destination’s life, stories, and warmth with a fresh perspective.

The naming comes from Zealandia, a long, narrow strip of land mostly submerged in the South Pacific Ocean. The drowned continent of Zealandia can’t be seen from the surface of our planet, but satellites can spot it, and geologists know about it. This continent is an example that planet Earth is full of unknown places, hidden in plain sight, and Zelandia knows how to find them.

Zelandia’s team wanted to engage with its audience on a much more emotional and personal level; thus, instead of developing a conventional website, Regular Animal created an online experience through a fable where the user reaches the other side of Earth traversing the planet’s core.

Evoking the excitement of an unconventional way of travel, Zelandia’s new brand identity and website dives into offbeat once-in-a-lifetime experiences, showing that its travel experts have the same love for travel as their audience.

Zelandia’s bold new graphic identity includes a stylized logo that combines an abstraction of a world sphere (used to guide us when we explore new territories) and an arrow (which embodies direction, ease, and efficiency). The strapline ‘Welcome to the unknown’ emphasizes the sense of anticipation we feel when planning and setting off on a journey.

The design team created an inviting color palette based on soil, sun, and sea colors on which three different font families coexist: Next Medium Poster, Times Ten LT Std Roman, and GT Pressura Regular.

Next Medium Poster, the logo’s font, was designed by Ludovic Balland in 2007 at the intersection of two typographic archetypes: constructivism and humanism. Next’s mix of geometrical architecture with calligraphic strokes results in a multifunctional font adapted both for screen and paper, blending perfectly with Times Ten LT Std Roman and GT Pressura Regular.

Besides all marketing materials produced in English and Spanish, five travel catalogs were also created, each one with its own personality, as interesting for their covers and print techniques as for the information held within. Each travel catalog is bound in a different material, wood, paper, cotton, silk, and linen.

Evoking all the anticipation and excitement of traveling, the new striking brand identity for Zelandia, mixed with the seamless online environment created for its audience, will ensure that the brand stands out in the competitive world of custom travel design.

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