Opening with a slogan developed by Regular Animal, the web design features a landing page spotlighting Uribe Studio’s latest projects through a playful arrangement.

Uribe Studio generates transformation and sustainable growth that impacts entire organizations and calls for a modern approach. This female-founded business needed a website to raise awareness about its offering.

The goal for the new site was to accomplish two essential purposes: host a wealth of resources in a browseable, search-friendly structure and showcase the team’s expertise and services in a way that encourages conversions without being pushy.

When Uribe Studio began thinking about its website, the aim was to not get swept up in other approaches they’d seen elsewhere. “It was important that we create something that distinctly feels like ‘us,'” explains creative director of Studio Uribe.

Since its inception, Uribe Studio has launched self-initiated projects and numerous collaborations, including dreamlike art direction for Rowse Beauty and image production for Voltura x La Veste. This range of work ultimately became the driving force behind the new site. They wanted to create a new digital home that celebrates their projects, and the studio’s journey over the past few years too.

The copywriting and tone of voice developed by Regular Animal frame the site. For users looking to dive deeper into the studio’s work, Uribe Studio has published a selection of featured projects so that the user can click through to see the context behind them.

The creative process started with deep research; the Uribe Studio team also looked through other sites and digital experiences that inspired them. Along this journey, the team discovered that a simple and clear layout was best, supported by unique pictures to bring the studio’s personality to life.

The site establishes the studio’s brand equity and online reach through a branded portfolio. It drives the conversion of site visitors into contacts and, ultimately, members while establishing the SEO foundations to increase search engine traffic and drive future growth. All of it implementing a fully responsive solution backed by WordPress CMS.

Studio Uribe’s website is a welcoming wealth of portfolio inspiration. Visitors are able to quickly navigate the site and learn what Studio Uribe’s team can provide. Their site has maintained an impressive engagement rate, steady conversions, and excellent page speeds since launch.

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