Crafting a Voice Amidst the Echoes of Silence: Unveiling Cando Non Quede Nada’s Bold Brand Identity

Inspired by the lush landscapes of Galicia, where stories woven with threads of cultural suppression and linguistic oppression whisper through time, Regular Animal crafts a robust brand identity, naming, slogan, and web design for the new podcast “Cando Non Quede Nada.”

The Roots: Galicia’s Lingering Melody amidst Silence

In Galicia, the sorrow echoing through decades tells a tale of a language – Galician, or “Galego” – that faced the suffocation of its musical rhythm by a dictatorial regime, yet quietly lingered in hushed conversations amongst tight-knit communities. This vibrancy was silenced but lived on in defiance and resilience against cultural erasure during Francisco Franco’s dictatorship and its relentless pursuit of a singular Spanish identity.

Despite enduring a disparaging shadow that deemed it a secondary tongue in its motherland, the Galician language breathed through the cracks of suppression, ultimately blooming into a revived symbol of identity and heritage with the dawn of democratic Spain.

Conceiving “Cando Non Quede Nada”

“Cando Non Quede Nada” (When There’s Nothing Left), conceived by four hosts across Germany, the U.S., Ireland, and Argentina, seeks to reshape conversations in Galician, aiming to be “Un espazo de encontro, esperanza ligüística, exprexión, apoio e aprendizaxe” — a space of meeting, linguistic hope, expression, support, and learning, aspiring to bring humanity and solidarity to discussions amidst a diverse atmosphere of experiences and opinions.

The Challenge: Bridging Past, Present, and Future

This brand identity challenge posed a unique juxtaposition – honoring the rich, resilient history of the Galician language while presenting the brand as a contemporary, forward-looking entity that speaks to diverse diasporas and conversations in the global discourse.

The Strategy: Weaving Cultural Essence with Modern Aesthetics

Through meticulous research, Regular Animal recognized a need to exude optimism and pierce through the skepticism dwelling in Galician speakers’ minds. The brand identity of Cando Non Quede Nada had to strike a harmonious balance — resonating with simplicity, functionality, and accessibility while feeling particularly special and transformative, given the historical and cultural context.

The Solution: Minimalistic Yet Resonant Brand Identity

The resultant identity encapsulates the podcast’s forward-looking mission in its tagline, “O Podcast das Posibilidades” (The Podcast of Possibilities), and a logo meticulously crafted to showcase movement and strong identity even in minimalism. It reduces each letter to its essential elements, employing geometric fragments that flow and intertwine, manifesting a sense of coherence and progression amidst absence. Four diverse font families converge to form two versions of the logo, offering visual diversity and textual intrigue. 

In a vibrant splash of citrine, reflecting its name, juxtaposed by a bold neon blue and softened by light mint, the brand color palette strikes a vivid yet harmonious chord. 

For the web design, the primary typography is set in geometric Work Sans, while the secondary type integrates IBM Plex Mono, ensuring quality within budget-friendly realms for web design.

Transcending Beyond Visual Identity

Cando Non Quede Nada’s visual identity seamlessly extends into its web design, ensuring user-friendliness while maintaining a connection to Galician terrains through a series of posters inspired by its lush landscapes.

While deeply embedded in Galician aesthetics and history, this bold brand identity framework also emanates a fresh, contemporary, and optimistic vibrancy. It’s an identity that carries the echoes of a suppressed past and forms a bridge to a future where the Galician language and culture stand unfettered and proud, weaving new narratives in the global dialogue.

Through the carefully curated brand identity of “Cando Non Quede Nada,” Regular Animal not only heralds a contemporary space for Galician discourse but also pays homage to a language and a people whose whispers of resilience have coursed through time, surviving, enduring, and ultimately, speaking again amidst the silence.

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