Regular Animal creates a website for Miami-based non-profit Florida National Parks Association that provides support to south-Florida National Parks.

The Florida National Parks Association approached Regular Animal to help them transition from an old website that was poorly executed and difficult to manage to a responsive website empowered by technology.

The performance of their old website was lacking on several fronts: page-load times were slow, the header navigation was cluttered, the different sections were hard to navigate, needing too many clicks to access content, and several pages lacked focus and made it difficult to find certain information. They also found updating the site to be a slightly frustrating process, with a poorly organized CMS and not enough flexibility for the creation of different pages.

For the new website, our creative agency proposes a clear interface, friendly tone of voice, a colorful palette and a CMS that was much easier to use and a site that performed much faster in browsers. It was vital that the identity of the new website should be bold and ownable, had a direct connection to south-Florida’s national parks, and the ability to translate seamlessly across pages.

Regular Animal’s new website designed in Miami for the Florida National Parks Association is aesthetically inspired by the unique Florida ecosystems. The resulting color palette instantly evokes the excitement of visiting Everglades National Park, Biscayne Bay National Park, Dry Tortugas National Park, or Big Cypress National Preserve.

Regular Animal’s bold colorful web proposal embraces both the joy of visiting the parks and the feeling of adventure that it brings. It was very important to create a visual identity capable of integrating the logo of the association that was not renewed at the time.

The design team created an inviting color palette based on the colors of the iconic ecosystems in Florida: marshland, swampland, lakes, springs and rivers. The primary typeface is Playfair Display, a transitional design inspired by late 18th century typefaces where broad nib quills were replaced by pointed steel pens as the popular writing tool of the day. Together with developments in printing technology, ink, and paper making, it became to print letterforms of high contrast and delicate hairlines that were increasingly detached from the written letterforms. This design lends itself to this period, and while it is not a revival, it takes influence from the designs of John Baskerville and from ‘Scotch Roman’ designs. Being a large size design in the transitional genre, functionally and stylistically it is accompanied by Muli for body text.

Evoking all the anticipation and excitement of visiting a National Park in South-Florida, the Florida National Parks Association website is an example of efficient web design capable of standing the test of time. The website multiplies the association’s web traffic, helps develop its brand identity, and through its e-commerce, FNPA quickly covers with profit all development costs.

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