Regular Animal generates the tagline and copywriting for Emerald Musk, a decadent perfume named after the luxurious gem.

The copywriting for Emerald Musk is inspired by the richness of Middle Eastern perfumery and a lavish trilogy of Rose, Vanilla, and Orris wrapped in pure Musk.

This true collector’s item exclusive to Harrods embodies the noble legacy of emeralds. The perfume, at once charming and elegant, represents Carolina Herrera’s passion for a stone passed down in the Herrera family throughout the generations. 

“Emeralds are ever present in my family for they stand the test of time. We all wear them,” says Carolina Herrera de Baez, Creative Director of Fragrances. 

Considered a royal gem since ancient times, emerald owes its beauty to its majestic character and depth of color. A multifaceted allure that radiates the lushness of the most powerful gemstones on earth. Emerald Musk, pouring imperial green from juice to bottle, bonds the power of emeralds with the House’s fragrance expertise in a perfumed jewel exclusively created for Harrods.

Epitome of utter-luxury, Emerald Musk sublimates the best-quality ingredients in a trilogy of Rose, Vanilla Bean, and Orris drenched in Musk. A rich olfactory structure reverberates in each drop through the verdant halo of the gleaming stone that inspires it.

Copywriting for Emerald Musk
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