Regular Animal generates content and press materials for CH Privée, including copywriting for the press kit and a press site that go beyond the official campaign, shedding light on the intimate relationship one has with oneself.

In this day and age when privacy is an increasingly valuable commodity, the brief moments when we can be quiet with our thoughts are becoming rarer, and therefore, more important.

If a private moment is only ours, we appreciate it, but when it is shared with the loved one, we value it even more. There is nothing quite as sophisticated as shared privacy and nothing as elegant as true intimacy. These are the moments CH Privée wishes to celebrate; delicate and fleeting, pure and potent. Times we want to illuminate and set forth; those we desire to perdure.

CH Privée is a daring and original harmony of feminine leather notes wrapped in a cloud of musk. From the finest materials and ingredients, CH Privée is classically constructed and destined to become a benchmark in modern perfumery.

The aroma of leather underlies the best path to follow. CH Privée infers a red leathery scent that blooms in its dualities; flexible yet powerful and bold, innovative, and intrinsically multidimensional, as is the image of the Carolina Herrera woman.

Three ingredients intertwine at the heart of this authentic composition: Vanilla Caviar from Madagascar, Osmanthus Fragrans from China, and Musk Absolute. An inherently feminine interpretation of the leather scent that captures its smooth, voluptuous qualities while the secondary notes incorporate an indulgent accord with an exquisitely modern twist, crude and at the same time refined.

CH Privée, unconventionally born by combining floral and gourmand notes with sensual shades of aromatic leather, surprises, seduces, and fascinates from its top notes to its sillage. A fragrance that is bound to the refined elegance of the Carolina Herrera brand.

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