Miami-based creative agency Regular Animal redesigns the identity and website for the multinational talent agency, Bendita.

Bendita is a full-service talent agency representing actors, background actors, stand-ins, doubles, and commercial models for film, television, performances, advertising, music videos, and print. Over the years, Bendita has also carved out a niche as a dependable casting company specialized in providing fresh faces for the performing arts.

Bendita’s new website collects its catalog of faces and makes it accessible to a broader audience. Visitors can dig into old and new profiles, many of which have never been seen before digitally. The site also establishes an online home for the agency and a basis for its activities.

The website opens with a striking cover image of a made-to-measure red-headed cowboy family that frames the homepage. With a scroll, the static image becomes a presentation that highlights the site as another stage for performance and immerses visitors in the world of Bendita.

The design focuses on functionality and depth, with a neutral framework for talent. Bendita’s faces can be filtered by criteria such as country, performer, photographer, and gender, allowing viewers to explore collaborations across a run of fields.

In the “Content” section, the site displays pieces where Bendita’s talent has been featured. Campaigns, performances, and exhibitions with which the agency has contributed to the visual culture of the performing arts, as well as to photography and graphic design.

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