E5 Coral, a research team at the forefront of science, unveils a Miami web design and brand identity created by Regular Animal.

The creative agency based in Miami develops naming, brand identity, and web design for the NSF-awarded project, E5 Coral. The branding aims to embody the comprehensive scientific research of the team and showcase avant-garde science as an accessible and welcoming discipline.

The scientific team, formed by six research labs from top public U.S. universities, works to predict phenotypic and eco-evolutionary consequences of environmental energetic epigenetic linkages and better understand the rules of life. Their project, boasting of a strong educational component, uses symbiotic, metabolically complex reef-building corals as a model system to test the connections between the environment, ecology, energetics, and epigenetics.

Regular Animal is tasked with designing a modern and accessible visual identity and naming that mirrors the team’s cutting-edge research focusing on their coral reef fieldwork.

From the five branches of their project: Epigenetics, Ecology, Environment, Energetics, and Education, Regular Animal forms the basis of the branding, whose graphic identity originates from the axial cut of a DNA molecule. Each of the five vortexes, then shaped like the letter “E,” corresponds to one of the five focal points of their project. The resulting pentagon also provides the ignition for the project’s name, completed by the team’s focus organism: E5 Coral.

Although the main logotype is wordless, the Miami creative agency pairs the mark with Futura, a sans-serif typeface based on geometric shapes to generate logo variations. Similar in spirit to the Bauhaus design style, Futura contains contemporary style elements that modernize the brand identity while providing optimum readability. Regular Animal also designs horizontal and vertical logo iterations, in a blue-hued color palette, that complement the brand identity.

The geometric mark features across all of E5 Coral’s printed materials such as letterheads and business cards as well as scientific notebooks and diving gear, also designed by Regular Animal.

Overall, Regular Animal aims to develop a visual identity that captures the mission of E5 Coral, but it also lives up to the standards of a project at the forefront of international scientific research. “We needed a brand identity that displayed the gravitas and stature of our research, and at the same time could meet this objective of showcasing science as a welcoming, and friendly field that belongs to everyone,” says José M. Eirín-López, one of the founders of E5 Coral, “and the branding created by Regular Animal, strikes home,” he added.

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