The Miami-based marketing agency redesigns the identity and website for the Environmental Epigenetics Lab.

To mark its 15th anniversary, and jointly with a relaunch of its website, the research lab unveils a new brand image which aims to elevate the look and feel of their brand image to the height of its scientific research.

The revamp of EELab’s brand identity aimed to make the brand feel like a scientific entity whilst shifting people’s perceptions of them beyond just research.

The Miami creative agency designs a simple and unfussy identity inspired by the shape of the DNA chain ignited from the lab’s extensive research into environmental epigenetics. The lab’s initials take the shape of a DNA double helix while the wordmarks attached to the new icon is constructed on GT America using a simple grid system. 

Originally started in Europe, the EELab is now part of the Institute of Environment, a preeminent program at Florida International University in Miami, Florida. Because of that, GT America, a typeface that builds a bridge between the American Gothic and European Grotesque typeface genres, seems like the obvious choice. It combines design features from both traditions and unites them in a contemporary family. Among all of them, Regular Animal chooses the GT America Standard subfamily, optimized for text size usage— relatively narrow but widely spaced.

The same typography and vibrant color palette selected for the brand are also implemented by the Miami web design team on EELab’s new website.

“We wanted our brand image to be more impactful, to feel more active and attractive, and transform our website into a place that would inspire those interested in the field. We want to inspire the next generation of Marine Biologists to become the real force increasing our understanding and driving solutions for global climate change,” said Dr. Eirín-López.

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