Regular Animal helps a new permaculture initiative sprout with a nature-inspired logo design made in Miami.

The Miami creative agency works with a permaculture initiative in Galiza, northwestern Spain, to develop its naming and brand identity.

The concept is strongly represented through a combination of neo-grotesque typography with geometric touches and a comprehensive visual system of organic shapes and colors that embrace the natural fluidity of permaculture.

The design system generated by Regular Animal includes naming, logotype, and a set of brand shapes that reflect across all online and offline properties of the brand providing a brand identity that’s coherent and cohesive.

The name, PeGa, surges as a literal abbreviation of the project’s mission and its location in the local language, Galician. It also corresponds with its tagline: “Permacultura Galega,” which translates as “Galician Permaculture” in English.

After a comprehensive font analysis, Regular Animal selected Chromate as a starting point for the logotype. A modern serif typeface with strong geometric shapes and thick serifs. The letterforms, bold by themselves, are slightly tightened, and the P and G are capitalized to remark the focus on permaculture and the initiative’s location.

Regular Animal added a support neo-grotesque sans-serif typeface to PeGa’s brand identity. The chosen typeface, Suisse Int’l Regular, although considered a plain sans serif, in this case, proves to be the most robust counterpart for Chromate.

A series of colorful brand shapes representing the architecture of permaculture design is added to the logo. The earthy color palette takes inspiration from the local forests, rough weather, and fabled terroir. The result is a bold and colorful brand identity with a cohesive brand architecture able to hold PeGa’s experimentation, dissemination, education, and production initiatives together.

The overall design, strongly inspired by the Celtic ancestry of the area and led by local nature, is approachable and inclusive yet simple and clean. “The design invites people to immerse themselves into local permaculture and reconnect with nature. PeGa is an invitation to gather, explore, and learn more about the permaculture initiatives going on in Galiza,” said Xulián M., one of PeGa’s founding partners.

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