Brand identity, packaging, copywriting, and web design for House of Senses, the Miami-based personal care line that encourages getting dirty.

Regular Animal creates the brand identity and the packaging for House of Senses’ collection of Grooming Products for Dirty People—a singular set of unisex personal care items of the highest quality.

House of Senses’ soulful identity grows from a series of hand-drawn illustrations and handcrafted lettering. The project comprises naming, brand identity, website, e-commerce, and copywriting.

The brand wanted to escape the purity of conventional personal care and offer an alternative. Together, we identified that the best part of getting clean is actually getting dirty and that became the core of House of Senses’ brand identity. From there, the project focused on elevating the idea of getting dirty. 

Regular Animal creates names not only for the brand but the whole collection including their Body Wash for Dirty People, a set of Glory Balls, and two different kinds of soap bars, Silent Mornings and Noisy Nights.

The awarded packaging, as an extension of the brand identity, showcases the beauty of the human body. The neutral-toned, silk-finished box gives off an airy feel, solidified with hand-made illustrations that make them something worth saving and repurposing.

The brand identity of House of Senses pushes the personal care industry to a whole new level. A combination of elegance, authenticity, and luxury grooming products defines the avant-garde of modern skincare.

Based in Miami, Florida, House of Senses is an organization dedicated to creating and distributing body care products of the finest quality. The range of body products of House of Senses uniquely complements each other to offer transformative and high-performance personal care. House of Senses do not test on animals, and all their products are made in the USA.

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