A unified web design system for the Florida Wildlife Federation, a Florida institution that’s much more than a brand by Miami web design agency Regular Animal.

At the forefront of Florida wildlife protection, the Florida Wildlife Federation aims to conserve Florida’s wildlife, habitats, and natural resources through advocacy, education, and science-based stewardship. Its website is the Federation’s most important platform for online brand image communication, and its most important digital marketing channel. However, due to the reliance on a non-responsive structure, the site faced many challenges, including issues scaling across devices, and a lack of design consistency across browsers.

Redesigning their website, our Miami creative agency‘s approach was to build a new design framework that introduced more breathing room around the content. We took inspiration directly from Florida’s wildlife and protected species, which thrives around green open spaces. We translated these principles into a digital space. By breaking away from the previous one-size-fits-all structure, we introduced more branded space around the content. The result is a bold, progressive, yet understated new design with a simple, spacious, clean layout system. Through dynamic blocks of color, the prominent use of vibrant photography, and moments of playful disruption, we inject authenticity, personality, and creativity into the design.

Our marketing agency worked with two fonts, Cormorant Garamond, for titles, and Heebo, for body text. They are significantly different individually, but they offer the right balance between elegance and restraint when working together.

Cormorant is a free display type family conceived, drawn, spaced, kerned, programmed, interpolated, and produced in its entirety by Christian Thalmann of Catharsis Fonts. Cormorant is an original design for an elegant display serif typeface inspired by the Garamond heritage. While traditional Garamond cuts make for exquisite reading at book sizes, they appear clumpy and inelegant at larger sizes. The design goal of Cormorant was to distill the aesthetic essence of Garamond, unfetter it from the limitations of metal printing, and allow it to bloom into its refined natural form at high definition in web design projects.

In contrast, Heebo is a Hebrew and Latin typeface family, which extends Christian Roberton’s Roboto Latin to Hebrew. Oded Ezer drew the Hebrew, and Meir Sadan mastered the font files. Since the Hebrew design of this family is primary, the vertical metrics are different from the original Roboto family. In addition, this family is auto-hinted, whereas Roboto is hand-hinted, so the rendering quality of Roboto may be better on older Windows machines.

A palette of dynamic colors matches the content, helping to create visual harmony and an immersive experience for the user. These key aspects of the design give users a better sense of the Florida Wildlife Federation as a brand: its aesthetic is clean, timeless, and also creative, and surprising.

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