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Set Your Organization Apart From the Rest

Brand positioning is about influencing consumers’ perception of your brand to achieve a competitive advantage. Make your brand strategy more effective, attract more customers, and, ultimately, grow your business.

Regular Animal will help you develop a brand positioning that accelerates your brand, establishes your place in the market, and carves out a niche in your audience’s minds. Any organization in any sector can benefit from brand positioning, from start-ups to growing ventures.

We have helped develop dynamic and fluid brand positionings that help customers instantly recognize and connect with an organization. Brand positionings that allow organizations to differentiate themselves from competitors. This differentiation helps them increase brand awareness, communicate value, and justify pricing — all of which impact their bottom line.

Scrutinizing the public image of your brand takes work. Our expert, objective opinion brings focus and clarity, helping organizations of all sizes understand and revamp their brand positioning.

What brand positioning involves depends on your organization. It won’t necessarily lead to a total rebrand. Sometimes strategic tweaks are all that’s needed.

We start by examining your brand’s current positioning. Next, we look at your competitors and analyze their positioning too. Brand research helps us to spot what’s unique about your brand and develop a strong positioning idea. A brand positioning statement summarizing your new approach will likely follow.

Finally, you can use these insights to inform a whole range of positioning strategies, including marketing campaigns and the design of your brand. You might want customers to think of your brand as premium, reliable, or good value. The desired association differs from brand to brand, but the goal is the same: for your brand to occupy a good place in your target audience’s mind.

The challenges your business faces are unique. That’s why we listen first, to get under the skin of your organization. And—like all good brand positioning agencies—we’re not afraid to ask tough questions. If you want results, there’s no point in skirting sensitive issues. It helps that we’ve been working with brands big and small for many years. All our partnerships are based on trust and respect, and we have well-honed instincts for what works and what doesn’t.

Brand Architecture. Define the branding structure within your organization to reach your objectives, and optimize performance.

Brand Launch. Launching a brand is about getting people’s attention; we generate compelling ideas that set you apart from the competition.

Brand Positioning. Make your marketing more effective, attract more customers, and, ultimately, grow your business.

Brand Research. It is time to understand how others feel about your organization. Inform your decision-making based on insight, data, and a holistic viewpoint.

Brand Strategy. From brand positioning to go-to-market communication plans, we can take your brand strategy to the next level.

Brand Vision. As your brand grows and the industry continues to change, your vision needs to keep pace, constantly pushing your brand forward.

Regular Animal is a Miami-based creative agency dedicated to create content that makes exceptional brands shine. We bring your brand to life through Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Actions™—inspiring branding, sleek graphic designuser-friendly websites, and compelling copywriting.

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