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October, 2023

So, you’ve got this snazzy new logo that you’ve been showing off to everyone, including your grandma, who, by the way, thinks it’s “very modern” (which in grandma-lingo could mean anything, really). That shiny, freshly-minted symbol feels like you’ve conquered the brand universe. Victory dance? Sure, why not!

While we’re all for celebratory moonwalks and the floss dance at Regular Animal (seriously, come by on a Friday afternoon), it’s crucial to remember: Your logo isn’t your brand. Yup, we said it. Your logo is like the cherry on top of the sundae—it’s visible, often delicious, and adds the final touch. But without the layers of ice cream, hot fudge, whipped cream, and nuts underneath, it’s just…well, a cherry.

Digging Deeper (Spoon Optional) 🍨
Imagine you meet someone with an unforgettable face (you know, the movie star kind). You’re intrigued. But then they open their mouth, and it’s all about how much they adore watching paint dry. Suddenly, the face doesn’t quite do it for you. Similarly, a logo is an introduction. But the story, values, emotions, and experiences behind it? That’s your brand.

Unraveling the Brand Ball of Yarn 🧶
So, if the logo isn’t the entire brand, what is? Let’s unravel this:

  • Voice & Tone: If your brand were a person, how would it sound? Scholarly? Witty? Casual? That’s your brand’s voice. It’s consistent. The tone, however, changes based on the situation—like being sympathetic when a customer has an issue or ecstatic when celebrating a company win.
  • Personality: Are you a buttoned-up, three-piece-suit kind of brand or more of a laid-back, beach shorts type? This personality dictates your colors, your fonts, and even the kind of content you produce.
  • Values & Mission: What gets your brand out of bed every morning? (Besides coffee). It’s the change you want to see in the world, the difference you aim to make. That’s your mission, driven by core values.
  • Experience: How do people feel when interacting with your brand? Frustrated? Relieved? Happy enough to break into song? This emotion-packed experience, from customer service to the product itself, is a massive chunk of your brand.

Now, your logo? It encapsulates all these elements in one visual bite. But it’s just the tip of the brand iceberg. And as we all know, 90% of an iceberg is underwater.

Alright, fellow brand enthusiast, here’s the deal: Love your logo. Cherish it. Put it on t-shirts, mugs, and maybe even a funky mouse pad. But always remember that there’s a massive, intricate, and wonderful universe behind that logo. Dive into it, explore it, and let it shine. Because your brand? It’s so much more than just a pretty face.

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